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ROQTunnel Conveyor Dryer

by ROQ
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Choose equipment that works as hard as you do with the ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer. In a high quality production screen printing shop, having a consistent and powerful conveyor dryer is just as important as your press. The ultimate in efficient and reliable curing, the ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer features an array of customizations to optimize this dryer for your specific shop needs. Take full advantage of your 38 inch to 71 inch wide belt option with powerful water based and plastisol curing optimization, or make this dryer work double by adding a split belt with variable widths, and independent speed/direction controls. Customize your ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer to run on natural gas, propane, or electricity for the most economic choice and save over 50%* in monthly utility costs. Easy to maintain, incredibly reliable and quiet, the ROQTunnel™ Conveyor Dryer is the hardest working piece of equipment you'll find in any shop. *Observed by some users.

  • Thermal insulation of high density rockwool panels
  • Axial flow fan for a constant hot-air circulation
  • Air purification filter for the burner
  • Antistatic and resistant mesh conveyor high tensile strength PTFE coated belt
  • Digital temperature display
  • Internal exhaustion header system per module
  • Contact temperature control
  • Maximum select temperature: 200ºC
  • Option of 2 conveyors with independent speed and direction (optional)
  • Different length's entry/exit openings (optional)
  • GP (optional); ROQTUNNEL powered by gas, Electricity or Both (optional)