Ryo Flash Dryer with Stand and Casters - 16x16in, 1600 Watt, 15 amp

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$425Retail Price
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The RyoFlash is a great quality affordable flash dryer. This 16" x 16" version features almost 1600 watts of power. The flash dryer is simply and effectively constructed to ensure the least amount of problems and the longest lifespan. It has a 10 foot power cord with plug, stand and casters for easy maneuverability around the shop.

This low cost setup satisfies the basic requirements for start ups or can serve as a backup system. The RyoFlash does not have an indicator light or on/off switch. However, it usually warms up in about 10-15 minutes and you can easily tell if its on or off by simply feeling under the flash for warmth. Also a heavy-duty power strip can be added easily to suffice as an on/off switch.
Product Specs
  • 16" x 16" 120V, 1575W, 13.3 amps infrared element
  • Rotating and adjustable stand
  • Sturdy design with powder coated housing to prevent rust
  • Locking casters
  • Simple design
  • Easy assembly
  • UL certified components
  • Runs off any 15amp circuit
  • 1 year warranty

Most flash dryers in this price range use coil elements like you would see in an oven. An infrared element uses a panel with hundreds of wires flowing through it to provide consistent heat throughout the heating area. A coil element only emits heat from one coil so you have very hot spots and very cool spots, which doesn't result in a constant cure.

With fewer parts there are fewer things to go wrong. The RyoFlash doesn't have an on/off switch, but can easily be plugged into the wall or hooked up to an industrial power strip to turn on and off. There is some assembly required, but with a few bolts you have a flash that's ready to be put to work. If a one year warranty seams short, picture this: the element used in this flash dryer is the same element used it BBC's high end series. These elements have been used in thousands of shops throughout the world; the quality and longevity speaks for itself and dwarfs any manufacturer's warranty!

Wonderful dryer


Excellent flash dryer and it works so much better than a coil dryer I'm so glad I paid more and got this one. You get what you pay for and Ryonet products are superior to the competition.

It works good but I have a problem with the paint they used.


I got the flash dryer with the entrepreneur kit. After 8 months it still work good curing the shirts. After the first month I noticed green ink on my shirts. I haven't ever used the green ink. I figured out the paint was dripping of because of the heat. They need to use a heat resting paint. If you buy this plan on sanding the paint off the bottom I used 60 grit in a palm sander

Paint not heat resistant


I use this flash for our on site mobile printing unit. It's a great flash and it would have gotten five starts from me but we found out the hard way that the paint on the unit is not heat resistant. We followed what another individual did and sanded the bottom to elevate the problem but on something made to create heat, you would have though this was taken into consideration. Still a great flash though. Buying another actually, but we'll sand this one as well.

Would not recommend

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Ive had it for about 2 years and rarely used it. It doesnt dont do a good job of evenly curing the shirt evenly. I would go with another brand.

Ryo Flash Dryer

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Purchased the ryo flash dryer & really enjoy it! Have been using it daily for about a week.

<br>No dripping or melting of the green paint like some reviews have stated. My only issue is that for these being "panels" instead of "coils", it is still quite drastic in temp changes, at most times 10-15 degrees in fluctuation. Still very sturdy build, very minimal assembly required & built very well.