Entrepreneur Plus Complete Screen Printing Shop Package

The essentials for screen printing success. The Entrepreneur Plus Package offers the basics needed to start a screen printing shop using professional quality equipment to generate professional quality products. The Entrepreneur Plus Package is equipped with brand name equipment from industry leaders such as Riley Hopkins, Black Body and Ryonet.

With the Entrepreneur Plus Package you'll get support through classes, email, chat, phone and videos. We do everything we can to help you get your business off the ground; it is imperative to our company that we sell you a quality package at a great price. Our mission is your success!

This Kit Includes:

  • Riley Hopkins® 6-color, 4-station WIN Series Press
  • 16" x 16" Ryonet® Econo Green Flash
  • 8' 6100 watt RileyCure Conveyor Dryer
  • 25" x 36" Exposure Unit
  • KDL Washout Booth
  • Inks, Squeegees, Screens, Various Supplies



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Plus Shipping Map

Riley Hopkins 6 color 4 station Printing Press

The Riley Hopkins press with Joystick Registration™ is the most user friendly and affordable press on the market. It allows you to set up multi color jobs without the hassle of adjusting micro registration. It's the most advanced registration on the screen printing market and allows you to register with greater speed while having terrific control over tight adjustments.

Features and Benefits
  • Joystick Registration™
  • 4 - 16" x 18" wood shirt boards
  • Independently rotating heads and print stations
  • Low drag tapered roller bearings
  • Cast and machined 356 aircraft grade Aluminum heat treated to T-6 hardness
  • Arrives partially assembled and will fit through standard doors
  • Rotates in a 7' work circle
  • 23" screen width capacity
  • Limited lifetime press warranty

RileyCure 6500 watt, 8' Conveyor Dryer

Turn up the heat on your production speed with our RileyCure™ conveyor dryer. Constructed with printers in mind, we make all Riley Hopkins® equipment with the same standards of efficiency and stability that have been counted on for decades by screen printers. Featuring dual 3050 watt heat elements, a spacious 4 foot tunnel, versatile 24 inch wide belt, adjustable gates for optimal heat retention, built-in belt speed control for on-the-fly adjustments and a special track-free belt, this conveyor dryer can handle the jobs from multiple presses at once at about 220 shirts per hour. It's high powered, compact, and ensures consistent cure depth on even your most ambitious orders. Give your Riley Hopkins® press a sidekick it can count on with the RileyCure™ from Ryonet®.

Product Specs
  • Length: 96"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 41"
  • Belt width: 24"
  • Belt height: 30.3"
  • Belt drive: 120V
  • Belt speed: 1-12 fpm
  • Chamber length: 48"
  • 2 heat elements: 3050 watts each
  • Element voltage: 208 or 240
  • Wattage: 6500 at 240volt
  • Amps: 27
  • Plug: NEMA L6-30P
  • 3 year warranty: includes temperature control

Black Body 16" x 16" Infrared Flash Dryer

Features and Benefits
  • Fully capable of fully curing plastisol ink
  • Adjustable height with rotating capabilities
  • Black Body's quality IR panel for overall consistent heat across a 16" x 16" area
  • Comes with wheels for easy use and mobility
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • This flash does not come with an on/off switch

25" x 36" Aluminum Exposure Unit

Features and Benefits
  • Expose the finest detail possible and give yourself the ability to print half tones
  • 240 watts of unfiltered UV power
  • 25" x 36" 8 bulb unit
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Includes a 3" foam pad and easy to follow instructions to make your own lid
  • Includes a pre-registration template
  • 3 year warranty

30" Wash Out Booth

This sink confines the mess of screen preparation, image wash out and reclaiming to reduce contamination in your shop.

Features and Benefits
  • Made of strong and durable quarter inch polypro
  • Welded main pan ensures a quality seal and no leaks
  • Built-in screen supports
  • Threaded drain hole makes it easy to plumb
  • The semi-transparent back panel makes it easy to backlight
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions

Film Output Supplies and Separation Studio Software

Film Output and Separation System Includes
  • AccuRIP software (serial code, no disc)
  • Separation Studio software (serial code, no disc)
  • Rite Film 13x19 pack - 100 sheets
  • Epson 1400/ 1430 chip resetter
  • Epson 1400/ 1430 BlackMAX™ cartridge set
  • 1 pint of each Spot Process ink (#2 Red, #3 Blue, #4 Gold, #5 Purple, #6 Green, #7 Turquoise)

Complete Product and Chemical Kit

Products Include
  • Screens
    • 2 - 110 mesh screens, 20" x 24", pre-stretched, high quality, aluminum
    • 2 - 156 mesh screens, 20" x 24", pre stretched, high quality, aluminum
    • 5 - 230 mesh screens, 20" x 24", pre-stretched, high quality, aluminum
  • Ink
    • 2 quarts of each IC plastisol ink - Ryonet White and Ryonet Black
    • 1 quart each of RyOpaque plastisol ink: Scarlet Red, Royal, Lemon Yellow
    • 1 pint of Curable Ink Reducer
  • Supplies
    • 6 ink scoops for easy ink handling
    • 1 - 16" emulsion scoop coater - used for applying the emulsion to the screen
    • 1 digital non-contact laser thermometer - used to make sure ink is properly cured
    • 1 roll of 16" x 100' platen protect tape
    • 1 roll of green block out screen tape
    • 3 - 15" squeegees - for pushing ink through the screen
    • 3 - 12" squeegees - for pushing ink through the screen
    • 1 - 6" squeegee - for pushing ink through the screen
    • 100 white test squares - used for test prints
    • 1 can of Ryonet's Screen Clean Screen Opener
    • Spot Gun Kit with Gallon of SR-97
  • DVDs
    • 1 - Screen Printing 101 DVD
    • 1 - Four Color Process Printing DVD
    • 1 - Spot Process Printing DVD
  • Plastisol Chem Kit
    • Ryo RXP Emulsion Gallon
    • Sgreen Supreme Wash Gallon
    • Sgreen Emulsion Stripper Gallon
    • Green Stuff Dehazer Degreaser Quart
    • Ryo Green Hand Cleaner 8oz.
    • Ryo Sgreen Blockout 8oz.
    • 3 - Blue Cleaning Brush
    • 2 - RyoMist Adhesive Mist Spray
    • 2 - Spray Bottles
    • 2 - Spray Nozzles

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