Written by Brian Peters, creator of Allure Galaxy Inks.

How many times have you heard “my customer won’t pay more for specialty inks”? If you are one of those, follow along with me. I’ll break down how to justify purchasing specialty inks, in a way that might just make more sense.

A gallon of Allure Galaxy HSA Reflective Ink costs $230.00 and weighs approximately 4500 grams. Take an average 15”x15” print that weighs 7-8 grams (depending on the artwork), do the math and see that you are only spending an additional $.40 per print to give your customer a premium print with awesome reflectivity. That same gallon now prints you over 500 shirts.

Most customers would be willing to pay $1.00 or more for something that is a little more special and unique.

That’s an extra $.60 per speciality print. Equating to $300.00 (500 x $.60 GP per = $300) in your pocket from that one gallon of speciality ink. Not bad! Now add up what that could mean to your bottom line profit if you converted, say 25% of your print jobs to specialty prints?

Remember, you’re not adding any additional labor to your process, you still had to do all of the same pre-press work as you would with a standard or conventional ink. All you have to do is present the option to the customer and let them decide how truly affordable specialty printing can be.

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