New DIY 4-Color Screen Printing Kit

From the moment you receive the box in the mail, Ryonet’s DIY Print Shop Kit shouts innovation. With its unique graphics (courtesy of Print Liberation) printed proudly on the packaging, you are welcomed into the world that Ryonet and Print Liberation rules: Do It Yourself Screen Printing. Once containing only a one-color press, the new DIY 4-Color Screen Printing Kit now allows DIY-ers to print up to four colors per design, giving beginners the tools they need to print like a pro.

The 4-color press itself is a small table-top machine, with 4 rotating heads and a single 14”x14” sized wooden platen for printing. It sports the signature DIY Print Shop blue powder coating that can be found on the single-color press, and is made from the same solid steel and aluminum construction as our larger models are. All for a fraction of the price of a larger machine. With a full battery of environmentally friendly clean up chemicals and inks, the kit itself contains all the tools necessary to print complex designs with up to four colors, such as CMYK or 4-color-process printing, on standard cotton fabric. It even includes a training DVD specially produced to explain the DIY process.

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