Raise of hands, who actually likes cleaning squeegees, knives, and screens?  No one?  You’re not alone.  When you’ve been printing all day, sometimes the thought of cleaning even one more squeegee feels like it’s going to send you over the edge.  We’re here to discuss Ryonet’s new Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System; how it can clean faster and more effectively, while reducing waste and consumables spending in your shop.

Ryonet’s Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System was designed with conservation of resources in mind.  When it is possible for a shop to reduce, reuse, or recycle a component of production, it can have a dramatic positive effect on operating costs and profit.  Ryonet is very excited to offer a system that allows shops to clean and reuse their chemicals, benefiting the printer’s bottom line.

The Sgreen Recirculation system gives the ability to load 20gal of Industrial Press Wash for ink removal from squeegees, flood bars, and screens.  Paired with a washout booth, the recirculation system filters the reservoir of chemicals for real time use.  The chemicals and ink are then collected, separated, filtered, and pumped to the spray gun/brush for use again via air operated equipment.  The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation system effectively stretches the life of the Industrial Press Wash, saving on consumable use and operating cost.

Hook the system up to any washout sink or basin, and you’re ready to go.  Using low air pressure, 20-30 psi, and absolutely no electricity, the chemical pump brings press wash from the reservoir, through a 75 micron filter, and into a convenient cleaning brush.  The brush is used to scrub your equipment.  The dirty solution then falls from the sink and back into the recirculation unit for storage and reuse.  

Depending on your shop’s consumption, this 20 gallon reservoir can last between 2 and 6 months.  It’s important to use compatible chemistry that breaks down the ink, but isolates the ink particles within the solution.  This allows the particles to be easily filtered out or syphoned off.  We recommend using this unit with our Industrial Press wash, or other compatible Sgreen chemicals.

It’s important to continue with good ink management. A little carded off ink goes a long way.  The more ink and chemicals you save, the more money you ultimately save.  When brushing an item off, make sure to position the unit directly below the drain, to allow the solution to enter into the reservoir again.

Maintenance of the recirculation system is easy.  When your filter becomes too dirty, it will start to back up.  When that happens, simply pop it off and put in a new filter.  Let the old one dry and then throw it away as solid waste.

When your chemical becomes too loaded with ink, and is clogging filters or not cleaning properly, transfer your chemical to a large storage container, or multiple 5 gallon containers.  Top pour spouts are preferred for ease.  Let the chemical rest for about 3-6 months, which will allow all of the ink solids to settle at the bottom.  You can then pour off the chemical back into the recirculation system.  The left-over ink-filled solution can be disposed of via your local recycling service.

The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System is available on its own, or built into packages with a washout sink and startup kit of Industrial Press Wash.

Shop cleaning can be more friendly to the people, environment, and especially your bank account with the Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System.

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