Think of the steps you go through to reclaim your screens…

Most screen printers would agree that screen reclamation can be one of the more frustrating parts of the process.  The juggling of chemicals, spray bottles, and screens can be quite a hassle, especially if your shop is reclaiming fifty or more screens a day.

Ryonet’s new Sgreen Chemical Distribution system has the ability to regulate the application of your chemicals, reduce your labor, and improve the efficiency of your chemical usage.  It brings greater control into the screen printer’s hand, allowing you to finally start moving on from all the spray bottles.

So you want to know more?

The Sgreen Chemical Distribution System allows the printer to work with larger containers of chemistry, rather than in small batches.  This makes longer runs of reclaiming a reality.  The system includes probes that draw the chemicals from their container, ranging in volume anywhere between 5 gallon and 55 gallon, giving you a lot of versatility.  

The spray guns included in the distribution system have a much wider spray pattern than a standard squirt bottle, allowing a faster and more consistent coverage of chemicals on your screen.  How many squeezes do you usually give before you call it good?  With the Sgreen Distribution System, a screen can be saturated and ready to go with only a few passes of the system’s low-pressure spray gun.  If you do the math, time saved per screen adds up, and we all know what time is…

Getting the lay of the land

To get things ready, you’re going to want to make some space around your washout booth to hold the larger capacity chemistry containers, ideally 55 gallon drums.  Depending on how many pumps you choose to use, it will be a one chemical container per pump set up, so you will want to account for that.  Concentrated chemistry is key for these systems, as it is easy to mix to a much larger volume.

One very important note: The drums cannot be metal.  Given the chemicals that are used during the reclaim process, metal drums would only corrode away, leaving you with an even bigger mess to clean up.  We recommend looking into plastic barrels from Uline, as they are ideal for this application.  While reused barrels are floating around out there, it is generally better to go with a new container.  Older containers could have another substance still within that could react poorly with your chemicals.  In these things, it is always better to err on the side of caution!

Up, Up, and Away!

The distribution system mounts to a wall.  The supply lines are run between your chemistry containers and the spray guns at your washout booth.  This is a low pressure system.  As such, an air supply is needed that will be running at about 20-30 PSI, with standard quick connections running the chemically rated pumps.  
If you are running a single, 4 pump, or larger system, we’ve got you covered.  A single pump can also be used to run a filling station for on press wipe, or other shop cleaning requirements.  That’s handy!

If you are a printer averaging 50-100 screens per day, please contact our Sales team for special discount information. If you are interested in learning more about improving your reclaim and chemistry infrastructure to be more efficient, check it out here!

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