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You want to start your own t-shirt brand, have some awesome designs in mind, and are ready to start cranking out those tees, but hold on for a second... Have you figured out how and where you will be selling your t-shirts? Before your shirts are ready to be sold, you need to think about how exactly you are going to get them out to the masses. Luckily, there are some easy and relatively inexpensive ways to sell your t-shirts. 

Your Own Website 

Do you have a website set up for your brand yet? A lot of website platforms have a way to integrate sales into your site. Shopify and Wordpress (integrated with the WooCommerse plugin) are some great platforms to check out! Having a website platform that allows sale integration will also make selling on social media a lot easier because some channels require you to link to your website in order to sell your goods. 

Social Media Channels 

Socially media channels are amazing for gaining brand recognition, but when used correctly, they can be great for converting sales too! Facebook allows you to create a digital "shop" on your Facebook page. You need to have an actual Facebook Business Page to do this though. There are two ways you can sell your products on Facebook. The first is by manually uploading your products to your Facebook shop and using a payment processor. The second being integrating your website into the Facebook shop. 

Instagram is also an awesome tool for sales! Just like Facebook, you also need an Instagram Business Page to actually be able to sell on the platform. Instagram sells through "shoppable tags." Meaning, instead of tagging a person in a certain photo, you can tag your products. In order for this to work, you need to have your Facebook shop set up. Once that is set up, you are able to integrate the Facebook shop into your Instagram account and then start tagging away after Instagram approves your store. 

Now let's talk about Pinterest... Pinterest is the holy grail when it comes to selling a clothing line. Pinterest is meant for shopping! There are two easy ways to sell on Pinterest. The first being uploading your photos (with a captivating caption of course) onto Pinterest and making sure they lead to your website with the appropriate link. People are able to click from the photo to the website and make the purchase. The second way you can sell on Pinterest is to integrate product tagging. The product will pop up with a shopping tag button and your customers will be able to click and purchase. 

Brick and Mortar 

While we mainly talked through digital ways of selling your t-shirts, don't forget the old brick and mortar store. If you have the means, an actual physical storefront is a great way to hook potential customers on your tees. They are able to talk to you face to face, see the prints in person, and feel the fabric. 

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