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ROQtion = ROQ Auction

ROQtion = ROQ Auction

BEST ROQ Deals of the YEAR

Ever hear the line, “A deal like this doesn’t come around every day?”  Well, in the case of top-of-the-line ROQ screen printing equipment, amazing deals on NEW and USED equipment are really rare...  

Recently there was a closure of an established US print shop and over +1-Million dollars worth of NEW & USED ROQ equipment will be LIVE Auctioned off to a select group of printers this Friday, September 27th from 8am-Noon PDT.  PreRegistration is required in order to participate, and we will be LIVE Auctioning all activities via Webinar.

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Auction Ends This Friday, Act NOW

Equipment going up for auction ranges from (Up to 50) ROQ Flashes, (16) ROQ Presses, and (2) ROQ Dryers.  A good amount of the equipment has not been used much at all, THIS is by far the biggest ROQ equipment deal of the year.

A lot of printers are looking at equipment now with the hopes that it gets installed before the end of the year in order to take advantage of the tax savings.  The ROQ tech team is going to be ready to connect with winning-bidders and start lining up each customized install following the auction.

Get a great deal on the ROQ press of your dreams, get it installed THIS YEAR, and save with Section 179, reducing your taxable income by up to 50% against 2019 filings.  *** Be sure to consult your tax advisor on maximizing this opportunity fully.  

Best of luck to the already +130 printers that have signed up to be a part of the auction, if you are not yet signed up, see details below.    


  1. Register to attend the LIVE Auction/Webinar

  2. In order to get the best equipment deals, get pre-approved in advance with CIT.

  3. Registered attendees will get prompted with early access to the list of ROQ equipment going on sale. Be sure to check back on the list as more items are added as we get closer to Friday’s auction.

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