Saying Goodbye to the Riley Hopkins WIN Series  |

Riley Hopkins presses have played and will continue to a play a very important role at Ryonet. It all started in 2005 when Ryan and his wife Amanda took a trip to Gig Harbor to pick up Ryonet’s first Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Presses. Instead of finding a state of the art machine shop, Ryan and Amanda found themselves driving down a small back road to a garage. There Ryan and Amanda met Riley Hopkins himself, the creator of one of the best screen printing presses in the industry.

The Riley WIN Series

In this initial meeting, Ryonet was acquiring the Riley Hopkins WIN manual screen printing series. The WIN was built for both speed and economy with easy joystick registration. Back then the presses were bright blue and fluorescent green, a styling inspired from popular colors in the racing industry. The WIN series helped grow Ryonet’s success. We sold 600-700 Riley Hopkins WIN presses every year. We will forever be grateful for this awesome press that Riley Hopkins entrusted us with.

Hello to the Riley 300 Series

As 2018 is beginning, we are saying goodbye to the Riley Hopkins WIN series and hello to the Riley 300 series. We have had a great 13 year run with the WIN series, but have taken the years of feedback from our customers into consideration to create a new and improved press.

The Riley 300 series comes with a lot of great new features. The press is equipped with lever knobs that more accurately holds registration. They also reduce stress on the wrist. 2-Point Roller Gates increase the lockdown holding power of the printhead while it is in the down position. This eases movements in-and-out of the gate. The press’s CNC constructed base comes with an adjustable height mechanism. The 3″ increase of height adjustment allows for accommodation of the screen printer. The Riley 300 series even comes with a lifetime warranty for band members. These are just a few of the features that the Riley 300 series poses. To learn more about the press check out Introducing the Riley 300 – A Screen Printing Press for the Modern Printer.


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