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Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet Uses in Screen Printing

Teflon sheets should be on your must-have list if you are a screen printer. They are a great tool for protecting your shirts when using a heat press, and also for helping fix printing mistakes that might occur from too thick of an ink deposit or fibrillation from a tricky shirt.  Take a look at the blog below to learn about the different ways you can use a teflon sheet in your screen printing business. Through each of these scenarios, you will want to make sure to clean the Teflon sheet in between uses.

Thick and Uneven Ink Deposits:

When screen printing, it is inevitable that there will be times where a print will turn out with ink that is too thick or uneven. This is especially true with the thicker poly ink. An easy fix for this is to use both a heat press and the Teflon sheet. If you notice that the ink on your garment is too thick or uneven, you will first want to run the garment through a dryer to cure it. Then you can head on over to your heat press. Sleeve or place your shirt down onto the press, print side up with your Teflon sheet on top. Set the heat of the press to 320F and the pressure to a light to medium. Apply pressure for 8-10 seconds.

If you don’t have a heat press, not to worry! You can use an iron. Place the Teflon sheet on the shirt and press with medium pressure until the print is smooth. You can get a matte or glossy finish with your print when using this technique with different textures of sheets. If you are not wanting a glossy finish, make sure to use the non-glossy side of the Teflon sheet.

Foil Transfers:

Teflon sheets are also great for the foil transfer process. For the exact steps on how to do foil transfers, check out Get Your Prints Lit With Gold Foil Transfers. Essentially, the Teflon sheet is used in a similar way as stated above. In this case, after you print your design and cure it, you will place the foil on the print side of the shirt and then place the Teflon sheet on top of the foil and press away.

Heat Transfers:

Doing heat transfers can be a great way to transfer designs onto shirts for onsite event printing and in a variety of other situations. It is also a place where a Teflon sheet is a must-have. When you are doing heat transfers you will want to place your garment onto the heat press and then place your heat transfer paper face down onto the garment. Place the Teflon sheet on top of this and press away. For more detailed steps on how to properly do heat transfers check out How to Screen Print with Plastisol Heat Transfers and Printing Multiple Color Heat Transfers.

Whether you are trying to fix thick and uneven ink or are doing some type of heat transfer, teflon sheets are a necessity. To learn more about the type of screen printing supplies you should keep on hand check out What Screen Printing Kit is Right for You.

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