Automatic screen printing presses make life easier.  Speed, accuracy, consistency, they give you all of it.  But what if someone told you that it could get even better?

Jeremy at Single Ink recently upgraded his shop to one of ROQ’s newest ECO presses, so we asked him how he felt about the changes that had been made to the ROQ ECO.  One of the biggest advantages for Jeremy was that, with the updated ECO control panel, the printer can control the press completely without ever leaving the load and unload station. With features like being able to print, move a platen from one position to another, deactivate a platen, and activate add-ons such as flash dryers at the touch of an on-screen symbol, automatic printing just got a little more automatic.

On the small control panel on every print arm, there is one other feature that Jeremy feels is a great time saver and excellent addition to the ECO: The “Go To” button.  Standing at station 2 and need to move your platen to station 6 for the next part of the process?  Press the Go To button on your print arm’s control panel, then press the Go To button on the arm you want the platen to move to, and you’re good to go.

All of the features added to the updated ECO were added with time in mind.  Every second or few seconds you can shave off your process adds up.  Jeremy has seen an hour a day saved in his shop thanks to the new ECO additions.  That’s the potential for 300-500 more shirts a day, at that rate!

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