You have probably either seen a survey question at the bottom of your order confirmation or in an email after your item has shipped that asks you to give us a rating on how likely you would be to recommend Ryonet to a friend. This survey helps us receive our NPS Score, which in turn helps us improve the customer experience.

So What is an NPS Score?

A NPS Score, or a Net Promoter Score, is a simple tool that businesses use to gauge how well their business is doing in regards to customer satisfaction and experience. A simple survey question gets sent to customers asking them on a scale of one to ten, how likely they would be to recommend a given business to a friend. People who score your business a 9 or 10 are loyal enthusiasts and are called promoters. Those who score you a 7 or 8 are considered unenthusiastic customers and are called passives. Anyone who scores you a 6 or below is an unhappy customer and are called detractors. In order to get a total net promoter score, the percentage of detractors is subtracted from the percentage of promoters.

Along with telling us about the customer experience, a NPS score also helps predict growth because the higher amount of promoters you have and the higher your NPS score is, the more likely your customers will be recommending your business to people they know

How Does Ryonet Use our NPS Score?

Here at Ryonet, we use our NPS score as another way to gauge how well we are doing with customer satisfaction. If our NPS score is low, we make sure to delve into the problem and figure out what parts of our service are causing customers to be unhappy. From there, we work on fixing the problem(s). At Ryonet, we are all about being the best at getting better, and we want to constantly improve the service we give our fantastic customers. Please make sure to fill out the survey question when it comes. It helps us help you!



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