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So, you've decided to join the world of automatic printing, and you've done the research and decided ROQ presses are the most modern and advanced automatics on the market, but which ROQ is right for you?

Maybe this is your first automatic press, and you're looking for something that is a little kinder to your wallet but that will still jump start your business. Perhaps, instead, this is your second automatic press and you're looking for the next step up in terms of quality, size, speed, and production capability. Or you could be far along on your screen printing journey, looking for a champion press to add to your already extensive lineup.

Whatever the case is, ROQ has a press that's perfect for you, so let's discuss it.

Is This Your First Press?

The ROQ YOU is made exactly for being your best, first automatic press. Even though it is the easiest press to learn how to automatically print on, ROQ doesn't make entry level equipment. All of our presses use electronic print and index features, have quick screen, squeegee, and platen release options, and are quiet, safe, and reliably backed up by a limited warranty. ROQ presses are easy to learn on because of their intuitive interface, easy access to register, smooth setup and teardown, and their level pallet and print/peel print heads, which are easier to load than lifting platens most other automatics start with.

The ROQ YOU is a perfect press to start YOU on the road to winning in screen printing. Available in the M configuration, the ROQ you starts at 4 colors and goes up to 8 colors. These presses also take little air pressure and have a small footprint that can be expanded on.

Is This Your Next Press?

If this isn't your first rodeo, or you want to start with the pros, the YOU XL gives you the number of colors and print size you need to print with the best of them. With print strokes of over 40" long and availability in up to 20 colors, the YOU XL is a press that can do just about anything you want it to, while also coming in a budget built for the growing screen print shop. After being in the business for 40 years and printing on many different machines, Tayco Screen Printing in Colorado upgraded to a YOU XL, allowing them to expand their capacity and capabilities.

Is This Your Best Press?


If you're perfecting the craft of screen printing or want the fastest press to set up, print, register, and do special effects and other awesome things on, the ROQ ECO and OVAL options may be in your wheelhouse. With independent print head control and an advanced chain-driven index system, the ECO flies off the line and is capable of printing almost anything. What makes the ECO different from the YOU and other presses on the market? 

The Oval

Combining the flexibility of the YOU with ultimate expandability and print flash capabilities. Check out how Denver Print House is winning with their ECO and their Oval in this video.

A Bit About Configuration

Unlike most presses in the market, ROQ presses are available in expandable configuration so you can get a press that has more platens and less printheads, allowing you to add more flashes without burning color heads and/or add more colors later. Our most popular formats are our 8 color 12 platen and 12 color 16 platen machines, but we can configure larger platen and smaller color options, as well as traditional full printhead options.

Join the Movement

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