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When a business first starts, most people expect it to take a little time to build up, right? You invest in some equipment, you put some time and effort into selling – and over time (hopefully) your business builds up to be something great.

Social media is a lot like that. If you’re just starting out on social media, you’ll need to create an account… let’s say on Facebook. You’ll put some time and effort into designing your wall, adding business information, maybe writing a little bit about your history or your business so people can learn about you.

People don’t typically join (or like) pages that have no posts or history, so it will take a bit of time to build. Sometimes it may seem silly… that you keep posting to a social wall that only has a couple followers. But you have to keep at it. Just like you may have opened a shop, or purchased an awesome press… but maybe you don’t have a bunch of customers yet… but you will. It’s all about preparation and planning.

The more you post, and the longer and deeper your feed gets, the more legit and trustworthy your brand becomes to the masses. Pretty soon you’ll have 100 fans. Then 300. Then maybe 1,000 or more.

The goal with social media is to just keep it going. Post about your business. Post about what you’re doing this weekend. Create fun posts, informational posts, share videos and images (not just business). Make your wall something that people enjoy following.

The more engaged your audience becomes over time, the more powerful they will be for you when it’s time to put out a targeted message, or a request, or a promotion.

But here’s the thing. If you wait 3 months to get started, then you’ll just be 3 months further behind. If you wait until next year to get started, then you’ll miss out on all of the followers you could have gained between now and then.

There’s really no way to make up for lost time. You need that history… that strength in a lengthy thread of past posts.

So if you’re not already doing it. Now is the time. And we’ve got the tool and/or the service to help get you where you want to get.

Checkout our amazing Social Media Management tool just for screen printers at www.screenprinting.social.

Or if you want it all handled for you, we have a complete management plan for just $299/mo (50% off our normal rate). We’ll create all your posts for you, and help build a profitable social media audience.

Scott Orth

Scott Orth is the founder of Thrive Business Marketing in Portland Oregon, with 19 years’ experience in building Internet Marketing success for small businesses. Thrive and Ryonet

have joined forces to help screen printers make their presence known, and grow their businesses, through online marketing strategies.

Scott can be reached directly for consult or general inquiries at the following: Email: Scotto@thrivesearch.com

Phone (Direct): 503-783-8473 Web: www.thrivesearch.com/screenprinting Facebook: /ThriveSearch

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