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X-Vactor LED Vacuum Exposure Unit with Digital Timer

by Ryonet
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Over the past fifteen years, the X-Vactor has become one of the most widely used table-top vacuum exposure units on the market. With these recent improvements to the design and functionality, the X-Vactor LED delivers consistent exposures faster than ever, with less ongoing costs.

Starting inside the X-Vactor series, Ryonet has developed a custom, high output LED bulb manufactured specifically for our exposure units. These LED bulbs output an optimal UV wavelength which can be used on both Dual Cure and Photopolymer emulsions. Utilizing LED bulb technology, printers can rest assured that the LED bulbs will last way longer than a halogen bulb ever would, which is better for the printer and the environment.

It's also important to note that the optically clear tempered glass in the X-Vactor LED series lets over 99% of the UV light through without disruption to the wavelength. All units also feature UV safe amber LED bulbs for screen setup and review in a light safe environment.


  • LED bulb technology — gives you a stronger and more durable stencil compared to traditional T8 bulbs.
  • Upgraded digital timer, standard on each X-Vactor LED.
  • CAD designed powder coat steel construction.
  • EC power cord port with easy to access on/off switch.
  • Improved vacuum drawdown time < 30 seconds for full vacuum.


  • Ryonet Pre-Registration Template Transparency ($99.99 value)
  • Ryonet 21 Step Exposure Calculator ($19.99 value)


  • Digital timer for extreme accuracy
  • Specially manufactured UV for photopolymer or dual cure emulsion exposure
  • Extremely flexible and durable rubber vacuum blanket
  • Heavy-duty gas shocks for easy open and close access
  • Adjustable vacuum lid clamps
  • Optically clear extremely strong tempered glass
  • Sturdy powder coat steel construction
  • Oil free vacuum pump is quiet and powerful
  • Includes nylon rope to allow air movement between blanket and frame
  • UL certified electrical components
  • 3-year limited warranty (excludes blanket, glass, and bulbs)
  • Made in the USA


  • Overall dimensions: 44"(L) x 32"(W) x 10"(H)
  • Shipping dimensions: 40"(W) x 50"(L) x 12"(H) 150lbs
  • Optical clear tempered glass: 31" x 38"
  • Max frame size OD: 23" x 31"
  • Vacuum blanket size: 31" x 38"
  • LED bulbs: 8 - UV T8 LED tube bulbs
  • Light safe inspection bulbs: 2
  • UV wattage: 320 watts
  • Timer: Digital (1/10 sec. increments)
  • Voltage: 115v
  • Amps: 8 amps
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Ship Weight: 150 lbs
  • Control Panel and Timer
  • Time adjustment
  • Timer on/off
  • Vacuum blanket on/off
  • Light safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs with dedicated on/off switch

These four key controls allow you to easily operate your exposure unit for accurate multi-faceted use. The highly accurate timer is lit with LEDs and is very easy to use.


Two light safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, located on either end of the exposure glass, provide bright 100% UV blocked yellow light throughout the glass. This allows your exposure unit to double as a film and screen inspection table. Touch up or splice films, ensure proper image alignment on your screen and inspect for pinholes without having to strain to see what you are doing or worrying about light contamination. Standard light tables this size run upwards of $400, so by combining light safe bulbs with the X-Vactor you've doubled your function and saved money!


The pre-registration template includes a comprehensive video that demonstrates how to get consistent results using easy methods. Starting with artwork and film output, we'll show you how to layout your film for optimal exposures and press alignment results. Moving to the darkroom, we'll place the film onto the screen using the pre-registration template. When it's all said and done, you'll see how quick and easy setup becomes on the press.

The pre-registration template and procedures can easily double or triple your performance in the darkroom and press setup. Throw away the tape measure and t-squares and realize an easier path in registrations.


  • Easily tapes to the X-Vactor Exposure Unit
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Solvent printed on 4 Mil durable transparency


*Tested times will vary. As a best practice, use the provided Step Wedge Test to dial in your exposure time.


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United States United States
I recommend this product

You guys knocked it out of the park, once again! Love this unit!

United States United States
I recommend this product
Great Exposure Unit!

So far this machine has made my life so much easier. It exposes fast & the details retain even to the smallest lines which I was never able to achieve form my previous unit. I highly recommend it.

Eric S.
United States United States
The Perfect Exposure Unit

This exposure unit is perfect. the digital timer works great, the lights automatically shut off after the set time expires. the dark room lights are very bright so you can easily see what you are doing. Finally, the vacuum is awesome. Great job.

United States United States
Very happy

Happy with my purchase.

Nathan W.
Will expose your screens & you're entire dark room

The X-Vactor XL will get the job done when printing plastisol and is decent for the price. It has a large surface area for two screens, and takes up less space than a metal halide exposure unit. However, the glass isn't tempered as strong as it should be and has scratched in multiple places with limited use, a problem I didn't have with my M&R Trilights metal halide exposure unit. The clamps which seal the unit are cheap and don't have any rubber cover to protect your hands from being pinched. Even when the clamps are tightened to the point they can barely be pushed down, the blanket won't full reach contact with the glass on the sides, so you end up with a fair amount of stray light exposing your screen racks. If you're using a dual-cure emulsion this isn't much of a problem, but with the fast exposing emulsions that Ryonet recommends (like Cryocoat emulsion) you will definitely have issues with your spare screens getting exposed if you don't cycle through them all weekly. There are also 4 holes in the powder coated metal on each corner about 2 inches below the glass which emit some stray light, too. This is minuscule but still frustrating. LED lights are pretty solid compared to fluorescents, but they are not heavily regulated and the UV light spectrum output tends to vary. If you're doing water-based prints and really want to remove all stray factors that can cause the screens to break down on press, I would recommend a single point-source metal halid exposure unit, which Ryonet does not offer. Metal halide bulbs last for years and are between $200-$350 to replace. The single point-source of light from metal halide also offers better definition on the emulsion edge and fine halftones. When you are doing high res simulated process prints this becomes a factor and makes washing out 5%-10% halftones more difficult. When I expose screens with my M&R Trilights, and turn off my safety lights, the room remains pitch black, unlike with the X-Vactor XL. The blanket on our exposure unit also came with some ink on the inside of it, even though we bought the unit new, which was difficult to fully remove and left a permanent stain.