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Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System w/ Laser and Power

by Ryonet
9 reviews
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"It's just like a t-square, but with frickin' lasers! Sometimes the simplest tools can make the biggest difference in a complex process, and every once in awhile, something emerges that redefines simplicity altogether. Welcome to the new Riley Laser Guiding System. Used just like a T-square and sharpie, the laser system creates a bright crosshair for registration lines on the platen that can be seen on the platen AND on top of the garment. It's designed to fit on all your new format Riley Hopkins presses - 300, 350, AERO, WIN,6-color Riley JR press. Never print crooked again with the simplest tool yet.

Why are lasers so rad?

  • Easily set uniform pallet distance during press setup.
  • Create center lines and neck placement guides for simple shirt loading.
  • Create XY lines for pocket placements and cut piece goods.

Riley's Laser Guiding System comes with:

  • Crosshair laser and USB laser charger
  • Telescoping center mount.
  • XYZ Laser Mounts
  • 30kW Laser with adjustable line/points.
  • USB Power Cord
  • USB Rechargeable Power Supply

Press Compatibility:

  • Riley Hopkins AERO/Win
  • All Riley Hopkins Jr. Press
  • Riley Hopkins 250
  • Riley Hopkins 300
  • Riley Hopkins 350

* Not compatible with Riley Hopkins 500, 150, or DIY Presses. Give us a call for the Riley Hopkins 500 laser system.

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Denrick A.
United States United States
It works. But Not what I expected.

I watched the video before ordering it, in video it has 2 lasers that work independently to adjust either the vertical or horizontal line. But the one I received has only 1 laser, a cross laser. I would have preferred 2 separate lasers in an event I needed 2 horizontal/vertical lines in parallel. Also the lasers span is very wide, it’ll hit the planten but also up your body and your face essentially your eyes. The way I fixed the problem was just by narrowing the laser by rolling a paper and elongating the front in order to cut off the edges to shorten its span and just hit the platen. I believe this product took a step back by just having 1 laser and needs some improvements by narrowing the end of the laser with a tube so it doesn’t Hit your face. Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System w/ Laser and Power Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System w/ Laser and Power Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System w/ Laser and Power Review
Fix for jumpy laser

The hardware is well made and fuctions nice. The laser on the other hand is a peice of junk. The focus knob fits loose in the housing makeing adjusting very difficult and it wont stay on target when rotating the press. I took the laser apart and put a couple wraps of teflon tape on the threads to fix this issue. I shouldn't have to fix a $300.00 product before I can use it.

John C.
United States

Had to learn how to adjust the cross hair but got it figured out the lazer is pretty wide angle I am really tall so I have to mount it very high or my head will bump it when I load shirts so the lazer hit my eyes not good so I put some heat shrink on the laser to narrow the focus to the platen only worked great and I'm not going to go blind it would be nice to have a tube that would slide up or down the lazer to focus light to the platen only with that out of the way the thing is great love it

United States United States
Time saver!

First time with something like this and it’s great!


Hello Anonymous! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review on our beloved Laser Guiding System! I hope this addition to your press made all the difference! Happy printing :)

Thomas D.
United States United States
Love it

Easy to install, easy to use! Love this thing, wish I would have gotten it sooner!