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Ryonet EZ Grip With Variant Squeegee Size

by Ryonet
18 reviews

Save your wrists!

The EZGrip Screen Print Squeegee was designed by a printer for printers. Our unique holder is engineered to totally change the way a silkscreen squeegee works.

The upright handles make pulling or pushing easier than ever!!

The ergonomic "2 Handle Design" provides a comfortable grip, which aligns the hands and adjoining wrists to promote a healthy posture that reduces stress, pain and the potential of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Ink Protection System - Self Standing!

Our exclusive "Ink Protection System", features built-in braces that support the squeegee to prevent time consuming ink messes and clean up, on or off the screen. An elongated support rod located at the end of each handle, keeps the grips away from ink when the holder is placed on the screen.

To lay the holder down outside the screen, flip it over, the blade points up and away so ink doesn't spread.

When stored, the blade's upright angle prevents the print edge from contacting with surfaces that may cause damage.​

Squeegee Blade Options:

  • 60 Durometer
  • 70 Durometer
  • 80 Durometer
  • 90 Durometer
  • 70/90/70 Durometer


INSTALL OR REMOVE BLADES IN SECS. The precision fit allows friction to hold the blade in place, without the need for screws or bolts. To install simply press the blade into the slot, to remove, grip the blade at one end and pull.

Saving money is a benefit of the precision Friction Grip. The conventional wood holder requires drilling 3 or more holes thru the blade to secure it in place. Our method is better, without the need for drilling holes, all 4 of the blade's print edges are usable, essentially doubling the life of the blade, thus cutting blade costs in half.

TheEZGrip Silk Screen Squeegee is made of hard shock resistent polymers. The one piece construction has a smooth surface that is quick and easy to clean, resilient to the common chemicals used to remove ink.

TheEZGrip measures 13" wide and is designed to accommodate squeegee blades up to 14", which is capable of making crisp 13 1/2" wide imprint.

TheEZGrip makes money and saves money by increasing production, resulting from a more efficient system that promotes better health and a better work environment.

***Handle made from recycled plastic 

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Lizard L.
Best Squeegee to Date

This was the most comfortable squeegee I have used to date, and I have used wood and ErgoForce squeegees. This was also the easiest squeegee I have cleaned to date (handle is plastic, and I was informed it is made from recycled plastic, easy to wipe off and chemical resistant), Assembles without screws which means it comes apart easily for cleaning without tools, so you will not leave any ink, even between the blade and handle. With the ergonomically designed grip, it is very easy on the back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers. You will not get the hand cramps, even on longer runs, like you do with a pinch grip on standard squeegees. Another great feature, one handle for blade lengths from 4" to 14" and all durometers, all you do is get a roll of blade material in the various durometers you use and cut them to you needs and pop them in and out of the handle. No more paying for a ton of handles with blades attached, or the pain of ******** and unscrewing a handle to change blades. Buy one handle for every screen you you have on your press, and maybe one or two extra (just in case) and that's it. That will save you money in the long run. You will not be disappointed!

Todd T.
A game changer - comfortable, precise control, consistencyy

This squeege is a game changer for me. It brings a whole new level of comfort to manual printing. The grips and the position significantly decrease the fatigue that I have experienced using traditional wood squeeges. It has also improved my control and consistency, especially on longer runs. I just wrapped up a morning of printing 200+ transfers with Lava Perfect White and I had zero pain in my wrists AND more significantly, my consistency from print to print was spot on. The grips provide a more natural wrist and arm position and I am able to consistently pull and push with the same angle and pressure, something I have struggled with using traditional squeeges. Cleanup is also a breeze. A Sgreen press wash on a shop towel and the squeege is ready for the next job. Benefits that I found: a) Its super light weight yet sturdy. Weight is a factor when you are printing hundreds of shirts - every ounce counts. b) Its the most comfortable squeege in the market. I have traditional wood and Force Ergo squeeges and while the Force Ergo are easier on my wrists than wood, the EzGrip takes it to another level of comfort. c) The grip provides a natural position that provides precise control and consistency. I found my self naturally pulling at the same angle over and over again across dozens of strokes, and since its a more natural grip, I found myself not having to concentrate on angle as much as I do with a traditional squeege d) The grip and position provided a more consistent print than traditional squeeges. Examining dozens of transfers I found a level of consistency that I have not been able to achieve using other squeeges. e) No squeege flopping into the ink when I raise the screen. The feet on the squeege provide a natural resting position that can't tip over into the ink. No more halting production to wipe down a squeege that fell into the ink. f) Easier to place the squeege closer to the print and not resting it on the screen frame. No longer do I have to rig up bar clamps to hold squeeges half way down the screen and no longer do I have to reach all the way back to the screen clamp to store the squeege for the next print. When you're doing hundreds of strokes a day - a few inches each stroke adds up quickly. g) Super easy to insert the squeege blade. No need for screw drivers or wrenches - the blade slips snugly into the handle. We will be switching all of our squeeges over to EzGrips - no more painful evenings and nights after a long day of printing. Thank you Ryonet!

Eric A.
United States United States
New squeegees

I was pleased.


Her Eric, we are pleased that you're pleased. So pleased that I am writing a reply to your review for you to review. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! -Ronald 800-314-6390

hailey c.
United States United States
Best squeegee ever!

Great squeegee and is a perfect angle to print the perfect shirt.


Thanks again Hailey! Happy printing :)

christian l.
United States United States
Ez grip

The EZ Grip squeegee saves my hands from lasting pain and have done wonders for my prints