Total Eclipse of the Print  |

On a day when the skies turned dark, our Texas team found themselves in the perfect spot to witness the awe-inspiring solar eclipse. But it wasn't just the celestial spectacle that captured our hearts; it was the joy of sharing our passion for screen printing with the community.

In the small town of Gatesville, Texas, right in the path of totality, we set up shop for an extraordinary day of observation, BBQ, and live screen printing. Our partner, Jennifer from Pigskins and Pigtails, was at the forefront of this unique experience, showcasing her new Screen Printer Starter Press. The event turned into a hands-on screen printing workshop, allowing 250 people to try their hand at this art form for the very first time!



Jennifer shared her excitement on social media, saying, "This Totality Rocks! 😎 Shared my love for screen printing in Gatesville, Texas this weekend. I put my new screen printing press to the test as 250 people got to try screen printing for the first time!"

The highlight of the day was the stunning Cosmic Purple shirts provided by @allmadeapparel. These shirts not only looked amazing but also carried a deeper impact, with each one representing a commitment to sustainable and ethical apparel. The pride was palpable as attendees wore their freshly screen-printed shirts, showcasing their personal touch and the magic of the eclipse.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Allmade Apparel for their contribution to this event. Their awesome Cosmic Purple shirts added a vibrant touch to the day and helped make a lasting impression on everyone involved.

As the sun reappeared and the day came to a close, we were reminded of the power of community, creativity, and the simple joy of making something with your own hands. The eclipse may have been a once-in-a-lifetime event, but the memories and the love for screen printing will last forever.

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