It all began with hope and a dream. The dream of two young immigrants, Antonio (Tony) and Giusseppina (Pina), who landed in Toronto in the 1960’s with little else.

A hardworking couple, Tony soon got to work as a bricklayer, and Pina found a job as an upholstery seamstress. Their days were filled with hard, but rewarding labor. At night, the two practiced their English and worked on their dance moves. Nearly twenty years went by in the flash of a eye, during which time the two built a loving family in their new home.

And then, in the 1980’s, a series of unfortunate events occurred that would change the course of their lives in the most fortunate way. Tony was injured on the job. And Pina, who had placed her faith in a co-worker, founding a fledgling clothing manufacturing business, found herself left at the helm of a business she was unprepared to run. Partners to the end, Tony stepped up, helping Pina take over leadership of Star Sportswear in 1983.

With Pina’s skills as a seamstress and patternmaker, and Tony’s natural sales and management instincts--the two soon grew the business to more than 100 employees, serving customers all over Canada with the after-school help of their children, Vita and Bobby. By 1994, they had grown large enough to purchase Galaxy Silk Screening, expanding the nature of their business beyond manufacturing.

It was a strategic move. Market conditions had made it hard to thrive in the Canadian manufacturing economy, and again it was time for the couple to change direction. So they took another risk and in 1995 they sold Star Sportswear, turning all their attention to the business now known as Green Galaxy. Just like he had before, Tony stepped up to the plate, learning a new set of skills for the second time as he, and a handful of employees, worked to get the print company off of the ground.

By the time Tony and Pina’s son Bobby joined the team in 2000, new market forces were at play that would influence the direction of the company, again, in a most fortunate way. Sustainability had come to the forefront of the conversation, and Bobby, fresh out of design school, saw an opportunity to innovate--exploring ways to improve on the tried-and-true formula of plastic-based ink products and solvent-based cleaners.

Bobby brought the same hard work ethic to the effort that had made Star Sportswear and Galaxy SIlk Screening a success before--trialing combination after combination to find the winning solution of water-based and discharge inks that Green Galaxy is renowned for today. Together, Bobby, sister Vita, and trusted team member Rachel, now manage Green Galaxy--Canada’s leading producer of environmentally-conscious inks.

Green Galaxy is proud to produce top-quality water-based inks by printers, for printers. Inks that we know will not only provide you with the superior results that you need, but that you can feel good about using, because we use them ourselves.

With over a decade of research invested in the creation of high-quality, environmentally-friendly HSA water-based screen printing inks--we believe that we have the winning formula. A product that performs like plastisol, but feels a whole lot better. Our inks are diverse, vibrant, full of personality, and designed with the same degree of craftsmanship as your screen prints.

We invite you to join the Green Galaxy family--a collective of printers committed to creating a healthy environment, quality products, and brilliant designs. Welcome.