Photoshop For Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations

This video - part of our "Photoshop For Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations" course, walks you through printing a design that has gone through the process of index color separation. This module focuses on print order, ink opacity, and achieving the perfect print on different shirt colors.

Get The Full Potential of Your Designs:
Dive into our "Photoshop For Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations" course, expertly guided by Colin Huggins. This course is meticulously designed for professionals eager to master complex color separations, including spot color and simulated process, ensuring your designs are press-ready.

Course Features:

  • Variety Of Methods: Spot Color, Index Color, Sim Process, & Greyscale
  • Comprehensive Learning: Gain deeper insights and step-by-step instructions for creating effective separations, enhanced with additional resources and personal support from Colin Huggins.
  • Color Separation Applications: Learn both sides of color separations with videos that teach how to print designs with precision, focusing on print order, ink opacity, and achieving flawless prints on varied shirt colors.

Early Access Benefits:

  • The course unfolds in sections, starting with an attractive introductory price. Early subscribers benefit from the best pricing, with the cost increasing as new content is added. Secure your spot now for the most comprehensive Photoshop insights at an unparalleled value.

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