In this instructional video, we're going to show you how to create a soft fashion print with a similar feel to water based, but using plastisol ink.

Fashion prints are produced by printing less pigmented ink onto the garment. To achieve this, we use higher mesh screens and reduce our ink by adding a base to it. Reducing the ink creates what's known as a "soft hand" and a nice color on lighter garments, but on darker garments the print will look less opaque and have more of a distressed look.

Key Points:
  • Add 10% Fashion Soft base by weight (ie: For 100g of ink, add 10g of base)
  • Add 5-10% Curable Reducer by weight
  • Use a higher mesh (230) screen since the inks are reduced
  • Use 1/16th inch off contact
  • Push the squeegee to make the print go faster
  • Typically you can accomplish this with 1 pass
  • Cure entire ink surface to 320°F