There are a few types of transfer papers available for plastisol heat transfers. Ryonet used to sell different types of transfer paper known as hot-split or cold peel, however today we sell only Hot Peel Premium Transfer Paper.

Hot Peel vs Cold Peel

The difference between hot peel and cold peel is in the way is peeled and releases the ink.

Hot peel transfers

(often called hot split transfers) need to be peeled immediately after heat pressing. The reason they are often called hot split is because they typically leave a % of the ink on the transfer paper as the ink splits during peeling. Our premium transfer paper that we sell know is slightly more expensive but it leaves a minimal amount of ink residue behind. Hot peel transfers feel soft on the shirt and are quick to complete.

Cold peel transfers

Must be peeled when the shirt and paper have cooled down, they take longer because of the cool down time and are a little harder to use typically. Cold peel transfers do release almost 100% of the ink but the ink often feels a little rougher.

The best of both worlds this is why we now sell only a premium hot peel transfer paper, our premium paper releases most of the ink for the best opacity and coverage, is quick and easy to apply and peel, and is typically the easiest to use as well. A premium paper has a glossy coating on it that is specially formulated to release the ink under the heat press. Heat transfer papers range in price from $0.12 - $0.25 depending on the type and quantity purchased.