Ready to start using your new Riley Flash? First, you'll need to assemble it. These comprehensive instructions provide step-by-step guidance on assembling and setting up both Riley Hopkins Flash Dryer 1818 Plus and 1824 models, ensuring a seamless and efficient printing workflow.

View the Assembly Manual Here


  • (x1) 1/2” open end wrench
  • (x1) 7/16” open end wrench


Locate the Black Lower Tube. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws from the end of the tube. The screws are used in the next steps of this assembly.


Locate the leg assemblies. Align the thru hole of the leg assemblies with a hole of the removed screws on the lower tube. Secure the leg assembly to the lower tube with the removed screw from step 1. The tube washer will fit into the slot on the leg assembly.


Attach a second leg assembly using a second removed screw in the adjacent hole in the lower tube.


Using hex-bolts and nuts, bolt the first 2 leg assemblies together through the mating holes. Attach a third leg assembly using the remaining removed screw from step 1, threaded into the remaining hole in the lower tube.


Using hex-bolts and nuts, bolt the third leg assembly to the adjacent attached leg assembly. Continue attaching the remaining 2 leg assemblies around the lower tube (these remaining leg assemblies do not attach to the lower tube with screws).


Install the casters (or optional leveling feet) into the insert nuts at the ends of each leg assembly. 2 of the 5 included casters are locking casters.


Lay the flash heater onto a smooth surface so not to scratch the black surface of the heating element. Locate the top bracket, ¼”-20 hex-bolt, black handle and six 1-3/4” self-tapping screws.

Insert the ¼”-20 hex-bolt through the hole in the mounting bracket. Thread the black handle onto the bolt, securing it tightly.

Attach the top bracket to the flash heater using the (6) 1-3/4” self-tapping screws. Thread the screws into the pre-punched holes on the top panel of your flash. Tighten the screws snuggly, while careful not to over-tighten, pulling screw threads through the sheet metal.


TIP: Rest your flash heater on a table for this step

Locate 2 of the level adjustment knobs and the 2 spacing collars. Slide each of the collars onto threads of the adjustment knobs.

Insert the curved plate welded to the upper tube between the top bracket and your flash heater. Align the first set of threaded holes of the upper tube with the thru holes on the top bracket.

Thread the adjustment knobs with spacing collars through the upper bracket into the threaded holes.

Locate the remaining leveling adjustment knob. Thread the knob into the insert nut on the top mounting bracket.

Locate the height adjustment collar and bent bolt. Slide the height adjustment collar onto the upper tube. Using the bent bolt as a set screw, tighten onto the upper tube.


Slide the upper tube into the black lower tube until the heater assembly rests on the height adjustment collar. Move your flash heater and stand assembly over your press’s platen. Using the 3 level adjustment knobs, level your flash heater to be parallel with the platen.

Adjust the height of your flash heater. It is recommended that two people adjust the height of the heater. With one person holding the flash heater by the black handle and curved plate of the upper tube, loosen the bent set bolt of the height adjustment collar. Move your flash heater to the desired height and retighten the bolt to secure.

View the Assembly Manual Here