1. Be True

To yourself, your family, the morals you live by and the values you hold. If you are not true to yourself everything in your life can be compromised. To your team. We are in this together and in order to successfully operate as a team we need to be honest, respectful, helpful and accountable to each other. To our partners and vendors as we conduct our business with the highest standard of honesty and integrity.

2. Serve

Our team and our customers. Find value in what you do and the customers your work serves—the $9 pint of ink that is added to our website, shown in a video, ordered from a vendor, received by inventory, poured down by production, packaged by shipping, tracked by customer service, supported by tech, and paid for by accounting can print 100 shirts that a screen printer will then sell to support a creative hobby, family, employee or community.

3. Work Smart and Hard

Work hard, learn from mistakes, find better ways to operate, and be a go-getter!

4. Be the Best at Being Better

We work to continuously learn and improve ourselves and our business. “Live as if you would die tomorrow; learn as if you would live forever.” —Ghandi

5. Be Positive

Embrace the craziness of life, work and the problems that will sometimes arise in them. Learn to see the good in something and to look up and forward, instead of down and back.

Ryonet commits to using these values in how we conduct our business. We are not perfect—our company, its leaders and its team members will make mistakes. However, we will use these values to hold each other accountable and strive to uphold them in our daily business. We value this commitment as an important element to creating a stronger team, business and future for our company.