If you are using a DUAL DIAZO you will need to mix the Diazo into the emulsion one hour prior to coating screens.

  1. Pour the emulsion into the scoop coater.
  2. Fill the scoop coater ¾ to the top.
  3. Hold the scoop coater from the bottom centered, making sure that it is level so that the emulsion does not run out from the sides of each end!
  4. Firmly push into the screen and angle the scoop flat against the screen, press against the screen and pull upward to the top and end your stroke by quickly angling the scoop coater back to the centered position.
  5. Turn the screen to the inside (Where the ink goes) and repeat steps 3 through 4.

Tips for successful tips direct coating, use the thin side of the scoop coater. If you coat your screens to thick they may not wash out! This can be tricky because it mimics over exposure, in fact the emulsion is just too thick and is really underexposed, parts of the image may wash out and finer parts may not rinse out altogether. So rule of thumb is one coat for each side using Dual Diazo Emulsion.

Rinse out procedure: rinse both sides of the screen, let the screens sit for about 40 seconds; this will soften up the emulsion. Carefully start your rinse from the top of the backside of the screen and work downward. Typically the image should just dissolve as the water runs over the screen, try using a Garden attachment with a medium mist spray. YOU DON'T NEED A PRESSURE WASHER TO DO THIS!! Too many times people purchase a pressure washer and use it for rinsing out your images. If using a pressure washer make sure you only use the low setting and stand back a little further. Remember your rinsing the screen. Not blowing the heck out of your screen!

Screen exposure problems can be one of the most frustrating issues in the screen printing process. These videos cover most of the common issues with screen exposure. If you are having problems exposing your screen or with your image washing out, we highly recommend watching these videos that help trouble shoot screen exposure problems.