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SAATI HI-DRO Screen with 230 Yellow Mesh 6 Pack - 23x31in

by Saati

Saati HI-DRO mesh allows for superior ink transfer compared to static mesh due to the wider mesh opening. The thinner thread also releases from the ink much more readily. As a result, you need lower squeegee pressure to get the ink to clear the screen. Lower squeegee pressure also means less ink is driven into the shirt and instead stays on top of the fabric. This directly impacts the opacity of your print. Resulting in a brighter and softer ink deposit.

These 6 packs of Saati HI-DRO mesh come carefully boxed with cardboard slip sheets placed in between each frame to ensure the best shipping conditions possible so your new screens arrive in optimal condition.

Ryonet provides high quality aluminum pre-stretched screens in various sizes and mesh counts. All aluminum frames are extruded from the highest grade aluminum and hand welded right here in the USA, ensuring a strong structure and durable life.


230 HI-DRO thin thread mesh screens are great for high-end fine detail printing. The yellow color prevents light from reflecting through the threads of the mesh and keeps a sharper image when burning. The thinner thread diameter also allows for both better dot resolution and higher lpi resolution, as the threads have a smaller chance of clipping the finer dots. Typical lpi’s run are between 50 lpi and 60 lpi (with the appropriate emulsion). With a DTS unit, higher LPI’s are attainable.

  • Thread Micron: 40 Mesh
  • Opening Micron: 68
  • Percentage of open area: 38%
  • Theoretical ink deposit: 23.6 cm2

Saati HI-DRO is a high modulus, low elongation mono-filament polyester screen printing fabric with a proprietary surface treatment. Developed to meet the requirements of garment printing applications. Especially designed to optimize the deposit when printing with water-based inks or plastisol, this new range was constructed maintaining the same mesh count and using thinner thread diameters.


  • Size: 23 x 31in.
  • Material: Aluminum Frame
  • Mesh: 230
  • Color: Yellow Mesh
  • Printable Area: <17x25
  • Scoop Coater Size: 19"
  • Max Squeegee Size: 18"
  • Made in the USA