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SGREEN Backlit LED lamp for SGREEN Washout Sink


Having a back-lit washout sink is a luxury not many new printers can afford, but now thanks to Ryonet's manufacturing department, you can! Back lighting your wash-outing sink helps you see clearly during preparation, washout, and cleaning of your screens. Seeing better means you can be more productive which means your can save time and add to your bottom line! Typically new back-lit washout sinks start around $900, but with this upgrade or add on kit you can back-light your current or new washout sink and save you hundreds of dollars!

Ryonet's back-light kit will fit onto any Blackline KDL, KDXL, or CCI KB-32 washout booth. It simply attaches by hanging the back-lit assembly from the back lip on the back wall that is located on these types of washout sinks. A few self taping screws later and you have yourself a professionally back-lit washout sink!