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ROQ You Makes Platen Changes a Breeze

Changing out all of the platens on a manual press for a new job can be time consuming and, at times, frustrating, especially for printers who often find themselves doing a bunch of different types of jobs. ROQ You Automatic presses makes changing over a platen quick, easy, and painless.

ROQ platens are designed with honeycomb aluminum, which makes them lightweight and easy to work with. On their backs you’ll find a simple set of clips that lock into place on the no-fuss mount on the ROQ’s print arm. All you have to do is slide your platen into the position you want using the clips on the back, and then lock the platen in place with the clamping mechanism on the side of the print arm. Make sure to never let the mechanism slam, always gently glide it into place! This helps to avoid undue wear and tear.

Check out this video where Ryan Moore shows you how you can completely change out all of your platens in under two minutes!  Once you get the process down, you’ll be swapping platens around without a second thought!


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