The contiguous United States is about to experience a rare and amazing event, a total solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes between Earth and the Sun.  For most viewers, the sun is partially obscured, while for some in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, the Sun is totally obscured.  In that specific band of area, it is as though day turns to night.  The last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous United States was June 8th, 1918!

Events like this are fantastic opportunities for printers! T-shirts are currently one of the most popular ways of expressing your interests, and screen printers have a unique advantage to help people make that happen.  Keeping an eye out for rare or once-in-a-lifetime events like the solar eclipse helps to put you one step ahead of the rest.  Many customers actively seek shirts around the time of memorable occasions, so why shouldn’t they be from your shop?

Holidays are no exception!  We may be sweating under the summer sun now, but soon the leaves will turn, and Fall and Halloween will be upon us.  Start planning now for what shirts you might want to do for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, that way when the time comes you aren’t caught in a rush.  You can have your artwork designed, saved, and ready to go, that way when you want to start producing, there’s no undue hassle or panic in getting started.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

Here at Ryonet, we are eagerly looking forward to the solar eclipse, and we hope you are too!  We’ll be celebrating with a one day promotion on August 21st, the day of the eclipse, so keep an eye out for it!

Check out the newest Made to Make It Vlog, where Ryan Moore talks a little with Mel Lay of SandiLake Clothing to talk about how she prepares for shirt marketing campaigns like the upcoming Total Eclipse.


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