Having a social media presence for your screen printing business is really important in today’s society. Social media accounts allow potential clients to easily find and view your work. Around 81% of the U.S. population has some type of social media account. Leveraging these platforms allows you to easily build your brand image and reach potential clients at the same time. Instagram alone has 800 million active monthly users. It would be silly to not establish your screen printing brand’s presence on Instagram.

Creating Your Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account for your screen printing business is super easy and should only take a few minutes. The first thing that you will need to do is download the Instagram app. Instagram is available on both the iPhone and the Android. Instagram is not compatible with computers. Once the app is downloaded, hit sign up. You can use whatever email you wish to create your Instagram account, but we suggest using your business email to create the account. This helps to keep any information and communication from Instagram in the same place as all of your other business communication.

After choosing a login, you need to select a username. It is best to choose your business name as your username so you can your branding aligned. Select a profile picture that will resonate with your clientele. Your business logo works great for this! Fill in both your business name and your phone number. Potential clients will need to know how to reach you.

Getting Your Account Rolling

The above steps are the ones that Instagram requires, but it is a good idea to fill out your profile completely. Click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to your profile. Next tap on edit profile. Fill out the form fill for your website and bio. Pay close attention when filling out your bio. You want to keep it short and concise, but still communicate what your business offers. After you fill out your profile information, make sure to link your other social accounts. This allows you to cross-share posts when you want to. If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, check out our blog Establishing Your Screen Printing Brand’s Facebook Presence. It will walk you through how to set up Facebook Business Page and the types of posts you should be making.

Types of Posts:

Instagram is a very visual platform, so you will want to keep your posts both creative and visually pleasing. Sales types of photos do not work well. They will receive little engagement from your followers and Instagram will use their algorithm to hide them from parts of your audience. Your best bet to make your Instagram successful is to post images of you and your staff working, images of your shirts still on the printing press, and creative photos of your finished prints. Keep it unique and fun so you keep your followers and potential follower’s attention. It is extremely important to encourage engagement. Ask questions that you think your customers will answer. The more engagement your post gets, the more likely that Instagram will use their algorithm to show your posts to more of your followers.


Hashtags are the bread and butter on Instagram. They really are what makes the platform tic. Hashtags make your photos discoverable by people who don’t follow your account. The more people that find your account, the more people who will end up following your account. Keep your hashtags relevant to screen printing and the products you are selling. It is a good idea to research what other businesses that are similar to you are using and adapt what works for them. We suggest using hashtags such as #screenprinting, #clothing, and #shirts. Ryonet frequently showcases our customers’ work who use the hashtags #ryonet and #poweringtheprint.

Off and Rolling:

This little how-to will help you get started on all things Instagram. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to continue to analyze what you are doing. See what works and what doesn’t then improve from there.

If you want are looking for more tips on how to successfully market your screen printing business, please check out The 3 Types of Marketing Emails You Should Be Sending, and 6 Steps to Getting Your Rad Screen Printing Business Online.





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