When it comes to printing on dark polyester, dye migration is enough of a beast to worry about without adding the complications of printing with thin water based inks. But what about when you want to create bold and bright bright spot color prints?

As usual, there are screen printers out that throw caution to the wind and go for those difficult prints headstrong. Danny Gruninger from Denver Print House falls in that category. He’s always pushing the boundaries of screen printing so that others can learn from his print successes and I wanted to share a recent job Danny attempted on Royal Blue 100% Performance Poly using Green Galaxy Gamma Blocker Black and HSA Water Based Inks.

What he accomplished:
Green Galaxy Gamma Blocker Dye Migration Protection White Print

Green Galaxy Gamma Blocker Dye Migration Protection White Print

Shirt: 100% poly performance royal blue
Print: 288 shirts – front left chest, and full back
Screens: Newman Roller frames with 150/48 mesh stretched to 25 newtons
Emulsion: Green Galaxy CycroCoat @ 20% EOM
Squeegees: 75 Duro Standard Squeegees

Print Specs:
Head 1: Gamma w/ 2% Warp Drive and 10% Opaque Core – 2 Strokes
Head 2: Flash
Head 3: Cool
Head 4: Comet White Under Base – 2 Strokes
Head 5: Flash
Head 6: Cool
Head 7: PMS 109 HSA – 2 Strokes
Head 8: PMS 186 HSA – 2 Strokes
Head 9: Flash
Head 10: Cool
Head 11: Comet White Top Coat – 1 Stroke

Speed: “I ran the press myself as I did this after hours one night…I was casually printing 325 pieces per hour with this setup.”

Curing: “With the ROQ Tunnel set to 3 minutes retention time and 311 degrees.”

Final Thoughts: “Gamma has been really good so far, at least 50% longer open times compared to the other HSA inks I have tested.”

Follow Danny and Denver Print House on Instagram: @denverprinthouse

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