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Every hero has an origin story. As heroes & heroines dominate pop culture without any end in x-ray vision, the hero archetype continues to mystify and inspire us as it has since our cave-dwelling ancestors decorated their chiseled homesteads.

But what does it really mean to be a hero anyway? While many throw that word around with abandon, it’s crucial to align our collective understanding of what heroism truly looks like. For us at ROQ, we define the following characteristics to be those of the most heroic Hero:

  • Innovative: to practice forging new ways to slay and/or avoid the monsters that appear.
  • Resilient: to keep moving forward with determination regardless of obstacles and self-doubts.
  • Tenacious: to boldly take action over being distracted by the illusion of words.
  • Vulnerable: to embrace the possibility of failure as a likely step to eventual long-term success.
  • Self-Reflective: to take an honest inventory of mindsets & practices to recalibrate as needed.
  • Compassionate: to demonstrate being oriented towards selflessness & the greater good.

With these qualities in mind, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new series we call The Heroes of ROQ -- where we deep dive into the Heroes of the ROQ Community just like you. Every hero & heroine ever known had a trusted guide to help bridge the gap between the relentless powers of villains and the power of possibility. It's our wish to earn that privilege for your own hero’s journey. As we explore another Hero of ROQ in the coming weeks, we challenge you to rise to your own true power. No matter where you are in your great quest, you can count on us to be your sanctuary to rejuvenate, to reflect, and to inspire. Consider us to be your screen/digital printing Obi-Wan -- you already have the power within. We’re just here to remind you of your strength.

In our first installment, discover how Josh Merrell of Liquid Graphics faced his demons early on and continues to show up no matter who or what tries to get in his way. From his struggle, success, and determination, Josh parallels lessons from his childhood, action sports, and business which transformed him into the Hero of ROQ he is today.

Every hero has an origin story. Are you ready to rise to the challenge of your own? We're rooting for you 🤘

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~ Master Yoda

For over 35 years, ROQ has trailblazed the global textile, digital & screen printing industries with cutting-edge innovation inspired by decades of real-world application. The ROQ press fleet streamlines the most time-consuming aspects of screen printing while simultaneously turbocharges overall production at a significantly lower cost. When you build on sand, you drift away with the tide. When you build on ROQ, you stand on a solid foundation of integrity coupled with dependable automation for years to come.

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