How to Screen Print White Ink on Black Apparel with Jennifer Sanderson  |

There's always something new and exciting happening when craft and technology collide. A recent video has been making waves among those who love screen printing, showing off a cool project by Jennifer Sanderson with Pigskins and Pigtails. Printing white inks on dark fabrics can be challenging. There are many variables to consider and Jennifer does a great job breaking down the details of what inks and techniques to use to achieve a high quality print. 

The video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a special project by Jennifer, a big name in the screen printing world known for her amazing craft skills. The comparisons she makes with Green Galaxy Comet White and FN-INK white plastisol inks is super helpful to show what to expect when printing with different inks on black apparel. And, you'll see what a different screen printing on a Riley Hopkins Press can make!

This video is more than just a peek into a cool screen printing project. Jennifer shows us exactly how to get the look we want using different inks and on-press versus a table. Combining creativity with the latest tech can lead to amazing things! For anyone passionate about screen printing or curious about the craft, this video is a must-watch, offering valuable insights and inspiration to elevate their own projects.