ROQ is known for and prides itself for constant innovation and quality in ROQ Automatic presses, but as with anything, there’s always more room to grow and improve.

The ROQ YOU has seen some new changes in the new, 2018 model that are set to make automatic printing even easier than before. The control screen is now on an adjustable arm that can easily be moved up, down, or to either side, that way operators can always comfortably control their press.  Also added to the control screen arm is an adjustable laser bar that can be shifted to either side of the screen arm for quick adjustments.

The light tower on the YOU has gotten a makeover, and now comes with a lower alarm volume.  You’ll still hear the same, recognizable ROQ alarm, but now at a lower volume to accompany the otherwise quiet ROQ YOU press.

One change that was implemented in the last year still bears mentioning at the same time as the batch of new changes as well.  The print motor on the print arms of the press have been moved from the side of the arm to the top.  This allows the ROQ YOU to extend its print stroke by around 3-4 inches.  This gives the ROQ YOU the longest print stroke currently in its category.

For a closer look at the new changes coming to the ROQ YOU, check out this video with Ryan Moor.

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