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With so many white inks out there on the market, it’s sometimes hard to tell which white is the right white for the job you’re trying to do.

In our last blog post, we introduced a new White Ink Comparison chart that we created to help differentiate the white plastisol inks we currently have available, to help clear up some of this confusion.  Let’s break down that chart for you, and get into a little more detail.

Perfect White

Wilflex Epic Perfect White is the new, updated version of our Low Bleed White.  It was reformulated for better opacity and faster flash times.

Perfect White is a great ink for shops that find themselves working with several garment types.  Great both on an automatic and a manual press, Perfect White, thanks to its bleed resistant properties and easy printability, can be used on cotton, cotton blend, and polyester blend garments, all without worrying about dye migration.

Perfect White can be used in just about any shop, and in some cases, it can eliminate the need to keep multiple whites around.


For automatic printers who often find themselves printing on 100% polyester garments, especially athletic gear, PolyWhite is what you’re looking for.  With the best bleed resistance of our currently offered whites, PolyWhite is a heavy duty low bleed, low cure white.  Use it as a flashed underbase plate, or as an overprint white, and stop worrying about dye migration on your polyester or specialty fabrics.

While very similar to Top Score White, also a low bleed, low cure white ink, PolyWhite has a superior bleed resistance, and its best on-press performance can be seen in an automatic printing application, though it can be printed on a manual press if needed.

Top Score White

If you’re a manual printer looking for an ink to work best with polyester garments, Top Score White and the Top Score line of low cure colors would be a great addition to your shop.  Top Score White is a high performance, low cure, low bleed white ink.  Use Top Score White as an underbase, or use it as your standard polyester white and print it alongside the rest of the Top Score line of low cure colors.


Epic Perfect White LB

Wilflex Epic PolyWhite

Wilflex Epic Top Score White

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