Introducing the NEW X-Vactor LED Exposure Unit  |

The NEW X-Vactor LED helps shops consistently and efficiently burn screens each and every time, reducing stress, boosting productivity, & saving printers money.

Consistency is key when it comes to dialing in your screen exposure throughput.  The key is being able to replicate the same quality burns from a great exposure platform, each and every time.  That’s where the NEW X-Vactor LED comes in.

A big efficiency improvement for the X-Vactor line comes with the integration of the NEW custom LED tube bulbs & assemblies.  These were specifically designed & manufactured for exposing photopolymer and dual cure emulsions in a fraction of the time of other bulb technology.  These aren’t the LED bulbs you’d find online or at a traditional hardware store, these bulbs were carefully designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the burning darkroom desires of today’s most discerning screen printer. All puns intended...         

The design of the NEW LED tube bulbs really benefit a shop that is eager to lower their electrical costs & energy footprint.  Printers will not have to experience the previous hassles of replacing old or failing bulbs, which is saving printers time and money.  The bulb life for LED’s is exponentially longer than that of other bulb technology, greatly improving the long term operating costs for today’s printer.  The NEW longer life LED bulbs also use way less energy, that’s a double-whammy for great cost savings, which is awesome!

The transition of the X-Vactor to include the custom LED bulb technology falls right in line with Ryonet’s ongoing initiative with Project 376.  To reevaluate our product offering with the goal of improving the lives of Ryonet customers and their environments. 

The NEW X-Vactor LED also features:

  • 2, light safe T8 LED Amber inspection bulbs, allowing your X-Vactor LED exposure unit to double as a film & screen inspection table.
  • Optically clear, & extremely strong tempered glass
  • Digital timer for consistent exposure accuracy
  • UL certified electrical components paired with a sturdy construction coated steel construction, all Made in the USA

The Ryonet manufacturing team is extremely proud of the fact that this NEW X-Vactor LED is made by our team, in the USA.  We have optimized our production capabilities, ensuring we are able to meet the lead times and demands of screen printers at launch and into the future. 

The NEW X-Vactor LED will help any shop wanting to quickly ramp up their darkroom capabilities, gaining consistent and efficient exposures, saving time and money in the long run.  

Check out the NEW X-Vactor LED HERE:

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