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Have you thought about wanting to get into screen printing but are not quite sure what press to start with? Or maybe you want to get your feet wet, but don’t want to spend quite the amount of money it takes to get one of the larger Riley Presses? Or maybe even your kiddos are wanting to learn how to print.. No matter which of these new to screen printing situations you are in, a DIY Screen Printing Kit can give you the push you need to get into screen printing while keeping costs relatively low.

What is a DIY Screen Printing Kit

A DIY ( Do it Yourself) Screen Printing Kit includes a DIY Screen Printing Press and all of the supplies you need to get your prints rolling. The press that is included in the kits is relatively easy to assemble and once put together can be secured to any level table or counter. The emulsion, lights, chemicals, inks, and squeegee in the kit are exactly what you need to start exposing your screens and pushing the ink through that mesh. If you are wanting to up your DIY game, we suggest getting the DIY Print Shop Ultimate 4 Color Screen Printing Kit w/ 16×6 Flash Dryer. The kit even comes with extra screen printing supplies, a flash dryer, and Allmade tees.

What the DIY Print Shop Ultimate 4 Color Screen Printing Kit is Made For

This next-level DIY Print Shop™ Ultimate 4-Color Kit is equipped with all of the essential ultra-premium tools needed to make multi-color screen prints. It includes: a superior, full articulation enabled, quad armed screen printing press capable of gripping four screens at once; an instructional manual, designed to teach you how to print like a pro; jars of water based and plastisol ink, formulated to create crisp multi-color prints; eco-friendly cleaners, developed to make cleanup easy and safe; a perfectly sized squeegee, to push ink smoothly across the four durable pre-stretched screens.

Items in the DIY Print Shop Ultimate Kit

  • The DIY 4 Color Starter Press w/ 14×14″ Platen
  • Ryo Flash Dryer with Stand and Casters – 16x16in
  • 4 Allmade Aluminum Tri-blend Tees in S, M, L, XL ($80 value)
  • 10 Pack of Rite-Film WP Film Positives, 8.5×11″
  • 4 Wood Screens 16×20 OD 156 Mesh
  • Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion
  • 12″ Scoop Coater
  • UV Exposure Light Bulb
  • Light Safe Yellow Bulb
  • Sgreen Supreme Wash Quart
  • Sgreen Degreaser Concentrate in 8 oz bottle
  • Sgreen Emulsion Stripper Concentrate in 8oz Bottle
  • 2 Red Scrub Pads
  • Sgreen Platen Adhesive 2oz
  • Roll of 2″x55 yd. Clear Screen Tape
  • Pint FN-INK™ White plastisol ink for printing on shirts.
  • Pint Green Galaxy Black water-based ink for printing on shirts.
  • 8 oz. Green Galaxy Pitch Black water based ink for printing on shirts.
  • 8 oz. Green Galaxy Mars Red water based ink for printing on shirts
  • 4: 10″  70 Durometer Squeegees
  • 10 Ultimate Cleanup Cards
  • 32 Sheets of 8×12″ Silicone Parchment Paper
  • Pack of Gloves
  • DIY Kit Manual

Features & Benefits

  • Solid steel and aluminum construction
  • Strong gas shock for stable and steady screen action
  • Blue powder coat finish
  • Adjustable screen tilt and off contact control
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

How To Screen Print With A DIY Kit


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