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What does “Made in America” mean?

There are a lot more options in screen printing equipment available today than ever before.  With the majority of low cost equipment coming from outside the US, and the challenge for US based manufacturers is to exceed customer expectations while providing a meaningful experience, imparting a sense of care.  Here at Ryonet, our mission is to manufacture the highest quality products, that screen printers can rely on for their production, day in and day out.

The Riley Hopkins brand has evolved into an industry leading product offering, providing printers the right equipment with a more future proof equipment foundation than ever before.  The Riley 300 press has been very well received by printers, and the latest Riley 350, built on the foundation of the 300, but sporting the ROQ automatic compatible platens makes the path to ROQ automatic that much more seamless. 

Customers today want solutions that are more future proof

And not locked into the production demands of today, there has to be flexibility as it is frustrating & costly when equipment becomes quickly obsolete.  The Riley Hopkins line of manual screen printing presses have the future-proof capability to complement future ROQ automatic shops, or even shops that are interested in creating a hybrid DTG & Screen Printing solution.  Stay tuned, more info on the hybrid solution is coming soon. This cross market functionality positions Riley Hopkins for an exciting future.  There are a couple keys to nurturing the best customer experience.

Owning the production process & quality is key.

The ability to evaluate, validate, and implement a more efficient means of production ensures the highest level of quality standards are upheld, each and every day.  This is all possible by the Lean manufacturing principles the Ryonet Manufacturing team follows everyday. We have used a Kaizen business philosophy for continuous improvement across all of our working practices, bolstering personal efficiency.  These improvements have made it possible to manufacture and fulfill orders efficiently and scale them to meet customer demand.

“The first pass of Kaizen events can be challenging for a team to buy into. Especially teams that have years of batch building under their belts. After sticking to standard work and taking a second pass of improvements, the Riley Hopkins press manufacturing lines are maintaining a 40% improvement in cycle times compared to one year ago. The work space is less than half, and the lead times are consistent. - Chris Drury, Ryonet Manufacturing R&D

"Built in America is the lean thinker’s playground. We don’t want our team members to just make the same products every day (Boring…), but be thinking, while they are building, about how we can eliminate wasted steps…steps our customers don’t want to pay us to do… searching tools, walking to get materials, and fixing issues. Very much like Screen Printers who in a perfect world would only be putting ink on shirts as their customer don’t want to pay them to do screen alignments, finding ink, fixing screens, or tweaking setups.  There is a never ending supply of creative solutions the team can solve to make things better. Teams engaged in using their creativity makes work a blast!  It makes people more interested in coming into work than going home (…if beer were provided…)  An engaged team is a competitive team….and being competitive is the American Way!" - Jim Rice, Ryonet VP Operations 

Our team is key

It’s no big trade secret that the success for any organization hinges on it’s team members working together with a culture of willingness & eagerness to improve.  Ryonet's manufacturing team has embraced a culture of care & continuous improvement, and our customers are seeing the results.    

In manufacturing we are not just a team, we are family.  We take pride in our work, it shows through our culture, dedication to constant improvement and through the beauty and quality of our products. With 18 sets of hands, we cut, form, weld, machine and assemble each press, storage rack, exposure unit and shop accessory that flows through our doors and around the world.  We put blood, sweat and occasional tears into our work. I am truly amazed with the team." Heather, Ryonet Manufacturing Assembly Lead

“Made in America means that we as a team are building top quality products for our customers that will last for years to come.  Ryonet’s manufacturing capabilities have vastly grown over the years giving us the ability to serve our customers in so many ways.  It also gives all our team members a chance to grow and learn new skills. Our team takes pride in the products that we make at every level of the process.  We make our products in the USA to support screen printers around the world.” Timothy Douglas Alden the 1st, Ryonet Manufacturing Supervisor

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Upgrade to American Made

The team is determined to exceed customer expectations, and impart a sense of care with each customer interaction.  Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality products, that screen printers can rely on for their production, day in and day out.

Once a printer has had the help to determine which Riley Hopkins press or equipment that is ideal for their production, then it's a matter of determining the best method for purchase.   

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