I’m sure you’ve noticed it. The onslaught of Holiday marketing. Everywhere you turn you see someone trying to sell you something just in time for the Holidays. Whether it’s Holiday related or not, every marketing team on the planet will find a way to tie their campaign into the season. Need a new toilet? Good news, they’ve got a Christmas sale on toilets right now!  What’s that? You might be in the market for some new windshield wipers? You’re in luck because the automotive store has a one-day Festivus holiday sale on windshield wipers! As you know, you don’t have to seek out these promotions; every business out there will tell you what they’ve got going on for the Holidays.

All this holiday marketing can become white noise… very quickly. But this time of year does present an opportunity to do some marketing that might actually make an impact with your customers, if not to your immediate bottom line.

The Holidays present an excellent opportunity to work on branding with your customers and potential customers and really increase the emotional connection people have with your brand and your business. Instead of doing a holiday sale (or maybe in addition to it) take the time do something representative of the holiday spirit. Volunteer, donate, send out Christmas cards wishing people a happy holiday season. Don’t worry about getting that immediate sale; instead focus on the intangibles and the spirit of the season. This time of year people let their guard down, they want genuine interactions and want to slow down and spend some time with their friends and family. Use this chance to genuinely connect with your customer on a deeper level than you usually do when you just try to get them to buy the latest and greatest. This type of “marketing” will go a long way toward earning your customers’ loyalty!

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