There are many types of different metal and wooden squeegees out there in the world. On we have both Ergo force and wooden squeegees. Many of our screen printers enjoy using both, but that is all based on how you use them.

One of the differences is that you have to assemble the Ergo force squeegee. At the bottom of this article, we have provided a very helpful guide on how to set up your ergo force squeegee as well as showing the comparison and contrast between the ergo force handle and the wooden squeegee.

Once you’ve got your Ergo Force Squeegee assembled, let’s do some 1 to 1 comparison between the 2. If you at any time may need to set your squeegee down or perhaps you have got a large amount of ink on your squeegee, you may simply sit it up, as for the wooden squeegee, it can’t do that. If you are pushing or pulling the Ergo Force handle, you may notice that it is longer on the back side. The reason for this is to provide more strength when you are using more force onto it automatically. So, that’s the squeegee doing more work for the squeegee.

Wooden Squeegee

As for the wooden handle, there is a lot of extra area between the squeegee and the end of the actual blade itself, which causes some downfall when you are pushing or pulling on it. Now, how many of you have been printing and dropped your squeegee handle into the ink? Well, we’ve provided a metal bar that you insert directly under the blade in the handle. What this does is it stop the squeegee handle from landing on your masterpiece of ink artwork.

Ergo Force Handle

With the Ergo force, you can go a little faster while pulling the squeegee and cause a better and more defined consistency and it’s mainly because the squeegee is working more for you instead the other way around. You will then notice that the blade itself is not as bendy which provides more of a smooth cut. As for the wooden one because of the extra back support, that is provided. When you begin to push, you will notice as well as when you pulled than when you push, your wrists are a lot more comfortable and fit onto that Ergo force squeegee rather than having them to be so stiff when you use the wooden squeegee.

As screen printers, you tend to get ink on your fingers which cause an ink masquerade on your squeegee handle. The ergo force handle is pretty impressive because it’s an easy clean job with just using a cleaning wipe to keep it clean. Compared to a wooden squeegee, it may be tough to clean ink off of it.

The Ergo Force is highly recommended. It’s going to pace up your cleaning process; it will speed up a lot of things as well for you when you get to the press, and it’s just a great alternative to the wooden squeegees.

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