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As a screen printer, you're always learning. It's one of the many reasons we all love the craft. There are so many ways to do one task. New tips and technology comes out all the time. Watching another printer try out a new product or a complex print is incredibly helpful to developing your business.

That's why we're partnering with Golden Press Studio. These dudes are energetic and personable. They know a ton about screen printing, design, and photography and videography, but they're still learning too. They'll produce process videos, share business tips and tricks, write blogs about industry topics, and post photos of what they're working on. Golden Press Studio will bring you along their screen printing journey, so you'll be able to learn as they grow.

To see what's happening, follow these accounts:


Located in Franklin, Indiana, Golden Press Studio has been in business for four years. Owner Jonathan Overmyer started out in his garage, working hard to make high-quality prints. Recently, he moved into his studio and hired two more people. His business has been going no where but up. 

What makes Golden Press Studio unique is the services they offer. They're not solely a screen printing business, they're a branding business. Jonathan will print your merchandise. Cory will design your logo and take photos for your social media and website. Jarred will film your story, capturing the personality and life of the brand. The trio is unstoppable. 

These guys know what they're doing. That's why we're partnering with them. When you scroll through their Instagram or watch a few videos on their YouTube channel, you'll be blown away. The team is fun, lively, and intelligent. You'll want to continue to learn more and more, and be best friends with them all.


Jonathan pumping his fist

Johnathan Overmyer | Screen Printer, Business Owner

Cory sitting on the couch, drawing a design

Cory Romeiser | Graphic Designer, Photographer

Jarred working on a video for YouTube

Jarred Day | Cinematographer, Editor

It's pretty exciting, and we're ready to see where the journey takes us. Stick with us to see the rad content they'll be sending out soon. As always, keep #poweringtheprint.

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