Meet the Riley Hopkins 250: Lee Stuart Edition Screen Printing Combo  |

“Screen printing isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. It's a burning inside of you to create that drives you forward through the hard days and late nights. A relentless pursuit of excellence that makes the long hours on press turn to minutes and makes the mundane chores around the shop feel more like a privilege. It's a true art form that requires discipline, dedication, and the sheer will to overcome obstacles on a daily basis,” said Lee Stuart, Print Sorcerer, Entrepreneur, and YouTube video creator.

Funnel that discipline, dedication, and sheer will into equipment that puts in the work like the new Riley Hopkins 250 Lee Stuart Edition Combo. It features equipment — Riley Hopkins 250 6x4 Press and Multi-Station Press Cart — you’ve come to know and love with a Lee Stuart-sized update. What makes this gear special? Let’s check it out.


The Riley Hopkins 250 Lee Stuart Edition is the Riley Hopkins 250 on steroids. For starters, a slick gloss black finish means the press will make any shop look professional and badass.

Beyond a shiny paint job, the Lee Stuart Signature 250 press has a huge functional upgrade: the bearing gate. This press does away with the nylon bolts, instead using the two-point roller gates of the 300, strengthening the printhead's holding power when it's down, and maintaining consistency with each print. The tilt lever has also been upgraded from plastic to metal. 

The Lee Stuart Signature Series 250 Press comes in 6x4 format, so printers can increase production. Better yet, the press comes with aluminum platens instead of wood, increasing the productivity and longevity of the platens. The platens come pre-notched, meaning printers will be able to know where dead center is every time they load a shirt or line up a print.

Now let’s talk about the press cart for a minute. The multi-station press cart contains room to store 8 screens and holds sizes up to 23" x 31" frames when situated horizontally. Its high-quality tabletop is now reinforced with a tabletop stiffener for a more rigid mounting surface. The cart also comes standard with pivot casters. Move the print station anywhere in your shop to build the perfect flow.

“When I designed this press, I was thinking of every single one of you. It’s made to be easy to use, space-saving and portable so that you can start off printing in a bedroom, garage, or basement like I did,” Lee said. “It has enough features and packs a punch far beyond that into a commercial space space, into live printing, whatever you need to do. This press can take you there.”

a top-down shot of a 250 press with print heads down


Anyone who knows Lee Stuart knows that there’s always more where one thing comes from. That’s no different from this kit. The Lee Stuart Signature Series Kit includes six EZ Grip Lee Stuart Signature Edition Squeegees. Ever tried one? It’ll turn pushers into pullers in no time.

When Lee Stuart first started printing, he was a pusher. Years of motocross and freestyle riding had damaged his fingertips all the way to his shoulders. Pulling a squeegee had been painful. Then he tried the EZ Grip Squeegee. Its ergonomic, two-handle design reduced stress and pain in his wrists. He never experienced feeling no pain since he started printing. It was a game-changer.

“It greatly reduced the strain on my broken body, so I can print longer,” Lee said. 

Since he wasn’t writhing in pain, he could try something he hasn’t been able to do — pull a squeegee.

“It converted me from a pusher to a puller, which means my print quality and consistency went way up,” Lee said.

In addition to reducing pain, this squeegee is built with an Ink Protection System. The system has built-in braces to support the squeegee, preventing it from falling on ink or spreading unwanted ink on other surfaces. Cleanup is also easier, as the squeegee blade comes out of the handle. All you need to do is wash the blade, pop it back in, and you’re good to go. 

“All around, it has made screen printing a much more enjoyable experience for me,” Lee said.

But wait, the kit comes with one more epic offering: a private one-hour coaching session with the man himself. That’s one-on-one with Lee Stuart for one hour to help improve your shop, increase output, build your brand, and more.

a man wearing a hat with neck tattoos pulls an EZ grip squeegee over a screen on a riley hopkins 250 press

There’s never been a more tricked-out 250 than this one. With a reinforced press cart and high-quality Lee Stuart branding, this kit will help take your brand to the next level.

“It’s crazy to think how far things have come. From filling my basement with print equipment and not having a clue how to use it back in 2018, to now having my own signature press that I helped design that people are going to use to build businesses with; it’s unbelievable,” Lee said.