Ryonet has always done our best to educate first, sell second, which is why we introduced our Screen Print Experience classes, both for printers who are just starting out and those who just want to learn more.  Screen Print Experience, however, wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of our class partners, shops who open their doors to students and freely give their knowledge.

Once a month, we are going to start featuring these amazing people who have worked so hard to help us Power the Print.  Without further ado, our very first Monthly Class Shop Feature is National Screen Printing, our Ohio class location!

How Did You Get Into Screen Printing?

Late 2011, I ordered a small starter pack to start printing my own clothing line (Arnar Limited) in my parents basement.  In 2012 we signed a contract with a large commercial broker and started doing contract screen printing for them and other brokers.  Fast forward to 2017, we are live screen printing at some of the largest events in the United States including the Daytona 500 and Bunbury music festival.  We also specialize in contract printing for many sales companies, merch for bands all over the US and tons of bars and microbreweries while traveling the US with our clothing line (Arnar Limited).

National Screen Printing crew live printing at the Daytona 500 w/ Toyota Racing Development

I think the fact that we are much more than just screen printers who are able to do much more than just regurgitate a design onto garments accurately.  We are artists who sit down with every single client and help them create an action plan for their order – whether it be another event for their church or music festival, merch for their band’s next show, or a clothing line launch.  We take pride in our ability to help our clients design, plan and market their inventory to their fans.

What Kind of Printing Do You Do?

Apparel printing (we are an automated print shop who specializes in plastisol, waterbased, 4 color process, simulated process), embroidery, wide format printing (banners and backdrops), live screen printing (NASCAR events for Toyota Racing Development), promotional products.

How Did You Get Into Teaching Screen Print Experience?

Ryan Moor and I met at the NBM show Indy in 2012, when we were working on moving out of my parents basement and working on the contract with that large commercial broker.  Ryan, actually took me under his wing after I stopped by their booth and expressed interest in an entrepreneur package.  We communicated for a solid 6-8 months via text, phone and email and he sent me countless books to read with his personal notes and annotations (on both screen printing and management).

What is Your Favorite Part About Teaching?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a huge passion for teaching.  I coached baseball at my alma mater while I was in college.  From snowboarding, to golf, to poker, I absolutely love to engulf myself in helping those who are passionate about helping themselves.  I think the most amazing part about teaching is being able to aid in the development of like minded individuals (or groups) who are ready to take the leap into screen printing.

We have been teaching SPE for 18 months now and have developed some amazing relationships with companies and entrepreneurs all over the country who are looking for a way to pursue their new passion.  From college kids to people just looking for a change in scenery at their jobs – being able to watch our students grow their ideas into self sufficient businesses is such an amazing and incredible process to be a part of.

National Screen Printing crew at Daytona 500 live printing event

What Does the Future Hold for Your Shop/Class?

We are excited to continue to get to meet, mentor, and give back to the industry through the Screen Print Experience courses in 2018.  Being able to develop relationships and watch businesses grow from an idea to great companies.  We are excited to take our love for screen printing and decoration on the road as we will be launching two clothing lines full force in August of 2017.

Contact Information

Check out the class here
Send an email:
6849 Lakota Plaza Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069
Website: www.can-print.com
Social Media: IG/Twitter: @arnarclothing || FB – Arnar Clothing

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