A Quick Recap on Ryonet's 2023 Open House  | Screenprinting.com

Did you catch the Ryonet Open House? If not, here's a quick recap of the fun-filled day:

What Went Down?

  • Exclusive Deals: Who doesn't love a good bargain? Attendees snagged some cool deals on supplies like ink and chemistry and equipment such as carts, exposure units, and flash dryers.

  • Expert Chats: Industry experts sat down with screen printers to help them troubleshoot reclaim issues, decipher Photoshop for t-shirt designs, access ink mixing software, and so much more.

  • Print Demos: Live action! From one-color designs to multi-color prints, printers got to put new inks to the test and receive advice from screen print masters.

person holding up a printed shirt

people sitting at tables outside a building

person holding up a shirt

a gallon of wilflex ink on an ink mixer

Why It Rocked

  • Powering the Print: The expert sessions were not just informative but downright fun. Who knew learning could be this entertaining?

  • Food, Friends, & Prints: The perfect trio! Great food, amazing opportunities to make friends, and some stellar prints made the day unforgettable.

  • Giveaway Winner: Everyone who attended had the chance to enter their name to win a new ink mixer. Amy from Maverick was the lucky winner, congrats!

a white print of a tiger's head on a black shirt

people sitting in a workshop

a band playing in a parking lot

a dunk tank that says drunk tank

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Missed It? No Worries!

Stay glued to ScreenPrinting.com. Another fun day will roll around, and you won't want to miss it!