Printing Art You Don't Own | Startup Screen Print  |

In this podcast episode from Startup Screen Printing, Jesse discusses the importance of respecting copyright laws in the screen printing industry. He highlights the risks of printing designs that you don't own or have permission to use, using examples like Disney-themed prints and trademarked quotes. Jesse emphasizes educating customers on copyright issues instead of taking unauthorized orders.

He advises against using even altered versions of copyrighted material and encourages building a business based on integrity rather than taking risks with intellectual property theft.

Key Points to Remember

  • Educate Customers: Politely inform customers when their requests involve copyrighted or trademarked designs.
  • Avoid Risks: Printing unauthorized designs can lead to lawsuits and jeopardize your business.
  • Promote Originality: Encourage customers to use original or licensed artwork to avoid legal issues. 

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