Josh recommends knowing both!

For many printers, they either push or pull. But there are benefits to using both methods for different situations.

Pushing your squeegee is more ergonomic for your body. It puts less of a strain on your wrists and shoulders. Plus it adds the strength of your upper body to push the squeegee across your print. One of the disadvantages to pushing is it only really works at a 45˚angle. This method works great for prints you want a large amount of ink applied.

Pulling your squeegee is harder on your body, but it does allow you to achieve a variety of angles. To apply more ink, position your squeegee at lower angles. And to apply less ink, you can use a more upright angle. This method is great for inside label prints for example. Because you will most likely have a high detail stencil and it will lay on the inside of a shirt, so you can us less ink.

Push versus pull
Which do you do? If you are a printer that only pushes, try pulling. It will be easier on your body. Or are you a printer that only pulls, try pushing for a different effect.

Check out the video and Josh can show you the pros and cons of both.

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