Mistakes happen. Even the best of us occasionally produces a misprint or two. But there is a way to turn those proverbial “lemons” into lemonade. Reuse those rejects to save money, and help the environment.

Green screen printing practices are a cornerstone of Ryonet’s philosophy and business strategy.  They’re important to us, and they’re important to our customers. Read this great blog from Brett Rowden of Printed Threads for his perspective on the importance of environmentally-conscious business practices. It’s one of many Ryonet articles on the topic.

In the video below, our very own Josh gives you some tips on how you can reuse those misprints. Here are a few great ideas:

  • Replace test pellons with misprints: Turn those bad boys inside out and use them for test prints! They provide a much better surface for evaluating how your final design will look and feel on fabric.
  • Cut rejects up and use them for clean up: Replace paper towels with scraps from your misprints, saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.
  • Create print samples for customers to review: Take advantage of the usable parts to show your customers how a design will turn out.

Check out the video for more for great green printing tips from Josh.

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