“We are a flat sheet printer who was looking to get into the screen printing trade. After comparisons to the competitors we were sold mainly on the service Ryonet® promised to deliver, along with the equipment.”

What attracted you to ROQ (S.Roque) in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Machine?

“More service was the driving force.”

What machine did you decide on and why?

“The ROQ YOU 12. We wanted a high volume capacity. We turned our offset products around lightning fast and wanted the ability to offer the same options for garments.”

What did you fall in love with first when you got your new machine?

“The pressure adjustments for the squeegee.”

If someone asked you about buying a ROQ (S.Roque), what advice would you give them?

“Ensure there is adequate time for installation and training. Consider making oversize platens, squeegees, flood bars, and screens (+equipment) part of your package.”


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