“Texas Print Solutions (formerly Teamline) started printing as an all manual shop with M&R® presses. We decided to look into an automatic when we barely were able to print all the orders coming in this last summer. The orders were there, but the auto was not. The issue with other automatics is that the setup times were too long for our average 50-200 piece orders. We needed an automatic that could be set up and broken down quickly, easily, and stay in registration (as close as possible). The ROQ matched that very important qualification along with having a lot of other great features we liked.”

What attracted you to ROQ in the first place and what made up your mind to purchase a ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Machine?

“The PRU was the main reason why we decided to go with the ROQ. It allows us to set up and break down at record speeds. This allows us also to print lower numbers on the auto when needed. Another thing people need to see is the honeycomb pallets. One of the reasons we can get started so quick is because of these. Since they heat up and cool down so fast, it’s very easy to warm them up with one full rotation of the pallets, and then we’re off. This would usually take three or four full rotations before we could print. How quiet the machine is really helps as well. Our reps and conference room are right on the other side of the wall from where our ROQ is, and they have no idea when we’re running it!”

What machine did you decide on and why?

“We decided to go with the ROQ YOU XL twelve-station, eight-color. The YOU XL gives us the larger print area we need and gives us plenty of room to work. The idea of having eight colors instead of ten was genius, and we jumped right on that one! Since we wouldn’t be using at least two of the colors for cool down stations why should we even bother having them? Our setup also allows us to have a clear open station for an operator, floor manager, or anyone walking by to see that our first white or first color is printing great!”

What did you fall in love with first when you got your new machine?

“The first thing we fell in love with was the wine. Once that was gone it was just the overall feel of the machine. Having it in our shop made a statement to our customers and competition, but more importantly it gave the printers a big boost in confidence, and they became that much more excited to hone in on the craft. What people don’t realize is that when you put an auto in a manual shop you will not only be faster, more efficient, and have better auto prints, but your manual process will speed up and the manual product will look better as well. When a manual printer looks over and sees an operator printing as fast as they do on an auto, they get motivated to try and go faster and make their prints look and feel as close, if not better than the auto prints. It’s a little like a game in our shop.”

How has ROQ changed your business?

“The ROQ has allowed me to go after bigger jobs and accept them as well. We’ve always had the contacts for the larger jobs, but had to always turn them down simply because we didn’t have the ability to print them. Now we don’t have to. It has also changed how we do our manual printing. Like I said an auto will help your manual printing as well and it has for us.”

Can you quantify your ROQ purchase in terms of money or time it has saved you or gained you?

“My labor is one-third or less when using the auto as it is with the manual—that saves me tons right there! I can’t put an exact figure on what our auto is bringing us on top of what we were getting before, but when you triple your efficiency across the shop that will be shown in numbers very shortly. I can estimate that within the first year our auto should have paid for itself and allowed us to grow in sales and operators.”

If someone asked you about buying an ROQ, what advice would you give them?

“If someone asked me about buying a ROQ I would say go for it. The machine is more expensive than some on the market, you can’t overlook that, but the return for what you’re getting is well worth it. There are tons of reasons to go green, and I could name every one of them, but it simply comes down to asking yourself what your goal is. Our goal is always to give the best product at the most efficient pace with the least overhead as possible. If your goal is similar, then go green. Lastly, I would say that I would much rather print with something that’s the color of what I want to make…money!”

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